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  • Perfect...thank you !
  • And the hard reset will not require me to re-pair my IoT devices ?
  • Ok. Per Sense App instructions for pairing, opened app. Disconnected power cord. Waited 2 minutes. Plugged back in. Waited for front panel to pulse before holding blue button on back. Display of four little squares never pulsed. Finally went to time display. Repeated procedure, same result. How do I get the display to…
  • Please consider allowing user to switch to a new iPhone or iPad without having to do a complete reset of all devices already connected to the Sense network with the old iPhone/iPad in order to use the a Sense App. I have some 45 devices on the existing network and really don’t want to reset every one of them every time I…
  • Done. Same result. I'm a little surprised no one else has had this issue. Any other thoughts ?
  • Well, the solution works, but in a week or so, it does the same thing. Is there a permanent fix ?
  • So is this a new glitch with the new update ? I downloaded the new app, Factory reset the Sense, forgot all info, re-established a new network, and now I intermittently get the above symbol. Main router and Sense units are in exactly the same location as before. Any ideas why I am now losing internet Service with the…
  • All is well with app update, but now have New symbol on my display ...two dashes on each side of two forward slanting vertical bars.....sort of like this: - -/ /- - not in manual.....what does that mean ??