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  • Hi @d3d5 I just received an update from the relevant team that your subscription has been renewed. Kindly confirm and let us know if you have any further concerns. Cheers!
  • Hi @tml63 I am delighted to know that the instruction helped solve the problem. Ensure you maximize the full potential of F-Secure ID Protection by installing it on more than one device just in case one of the devices gets damaged or stolen. You can be certain of having your passwords intact and ready to sync again.
  • Hi @MEK22 Thank you for contacting F-Secure. It's likely that you already had another account before making the new order which is why you were redirected to the existing My F-Secure login page. There's an option to delete the old account to give room for the new registration using the same email address or you can use…
  • Hi @DidierL Our supported browsers for F-Secure ID PROTECTION autofill feature are Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. At the moment, Safari browser is not part of the supported browsers.
  • Hi @ari77 Ensure that you release the license from the My F-Secure portal for every uninstallation so that you can take the license into use again. Provided the installations do not exceed the amount of licenses you have, sync should work on every device you have installed ID Protection on. So if you are on F-Secure TOTAL…
  • Hi @Myself We suggest you try to do a hard reset again and then perform the firmware update in advance before proceeding with SENSE setup using the instructions below If this fails, we need to confirm if…
  • Hi @Sammy13 You may contact our support and provide the purchased KEY premium details so we can do the conversion from KEY to IDP for you but you need to create a free IDP trial account first.
  • Hi @Myself Could it be that you have been performing a soft reset on the SENSE router all these while? Kindly try the above steps to perform the factory reset and see if that makes any difference. Please ensure that your mobile devices are not using VPN during the pairing. If you are, turn it off and try again. During the…
  • Hi @Sammy13 F-Secure KEY support has ended and KEY has now been revamped into F-Secure ID Protection which could be the reason why the premium code isn't working. Please see this announcement here. We encourage you to take advantage of this campaign below to take F-Secure ID Protection into use.
  • Hi @AntonD Your comments are visible on the platform. Are you now able to remove the program from Start Up? Can you let us know which of the TOTAL products you are trying to remove from Start Up and why? As I can see, there's a trial account tied to your email and it has expired unless you have another subscription under a…
  • Hi @jayviiregular I can see that you have a TOTAL subscription which means that you need to first install (install it afresh) Freedome VPN then go to the Subscription tab and use the "Log In" option to take the Freedome VPN subscription into use. Please try this but if the issue persists, contact our 24/7 Support to assist…
  • Hi @Hubs Thank you for this feedback. We will convey this information to the relevant team and we'll do the needful where needed.
  • Hi @pequ1 Thank you for raising this concern and I can confirm that we've been able to reproduce the issue. The main fsavd process indeed takes up 1GB on M1 Air. We have began working on it and the fix will probably be in our next release of version 18.2. We truly appreciate your patience and understanding as we try to…
  • Hi @Oski We would like to have more information on the iOS version and the Freedome VPN version you have running. Have you tried to reinstall the Freedome VPN and did you try connecting to several servers to test? You can reinstall the VPN settings to see if it helps with this problem. Follow these steps: Open F-Secure…
  • Hi @JOnes This is quite common with iOS devices where the application takes some time to sync with the cloud on your My F-Secure especially if SAFE app has not been used in a long time. You can force the device to update the status by simply clicking on the SAFE app or restarting the device then refresh your My F-Secure…
  • Hi @Tubucu4444 The main function of the F-Secure Router Checker is to verify if your router settings are safe especially if there has been any malicious modification by intruders. You can use other sites such as on different network and see what IP address and location you have but your ISP can…
  • Hi @Issues4Life Yes, those are our addresses. We have just added some servers in Finland which is probably why you see this strange IP address.
  • Hi @Virsu_77 If you have ID Protection synced on another device, we will recommend you reinstall ID Protection on this affected Mac computer, that is if you have not done so already. If this fails, let us have more details like the ID Protection version, the Mac OS version and if you have any specific error message, all of…
  • Hi @Issues4Life We have articles about the encryption parameters we use in the help links below: 
  • Hi @Issues4Life Our support is always available to listen to your concerns. Feel free to use our live chat or phone support and we will assist in any possible way we can.
  • Hi @Issues4Life Tail OS uses many advanced security and privacy systems, TOR being the main. And according to this post and this post, we have already mentioned that this type configuration is not supported and will not function with Freedome VPN. We know that websites nowadays gather an insane amount of data from our…
  • Hi @EKK Have you tried to reinstall Freedome VPN on this MacBook Air? That should solve the problem.
  • Hi @ANH Seems you purchased this from Apple iTunes and it can be used on other iOS devices with the same Apple ID used to make the purchase. Alternatively, you may contact Apple, cancel the order, get a refund if possible and buy a new multi-device platform subscription from our website. For cancellation and possible…
  • Hi @Tomas601 If you have Android 9 and later (MIUI 10+), please try the following: Navigate to Settings -> Applications -> Application Manager. Locate F-Secure Freedome from the list. First turn on Autostart Then, tap the Battery Saver alternative below Set the switch to No restrictions Please check these settings…
    in Freedome VPN Comment by Jaims October 14
  • Hi @Tomas601 Are you able to convey your concerns to us in English? We do not have a Swedish language support on the Community at the moment.
    in Freedome VPN Comment by Jaims October 13
  • Hi @Skid660 It is only possible to share the license via Family Sharing if you have purchased it from iTunes. Licenses that are managed through our SAFE/Total account cannot be shared in this way.
    in VPN sharing Comment by Jaims October 13
  • Hi @MarttiH You should do the following after you have created the .CSV file from Chrome: Open F-Secure ID PROTECTION Click Settings Click Import Passwords Select Dashlane (CSV) on the list Click Select Import the file from there
  • Hi @Issues4Life QUESTION (1): Exactly, how does the F-Secure SENSE Router Security Cloud protection protect our connected devices? Connected device browse URL through SENSE router > SENSE router send the hash of the URL to security cloud for…