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  • I have seen this on some more hosts lately. Also, I notice that in the pic I attached, why is there difference in the policy counter on the server, shouldn´t that be the same? Any ideas to point me in the right direction, someone? Regards, JC
  • Thank you Dmitriy. Regards, JC
  • Hi Ben, Thanks for your response, I have sent support a FSDIAG for investigation. Regards, JC
  • Hi Vad, Thanks for your response, I will upgrade asap. :) Could you please try to find out a more exact date/week for me so I can give this final message to my customers? Regards, JC
  • Hi, Sorry for the very late response and thanks for your answer Tamas. I am of course aware of what you write below and believe me, I have pointed this out to customers repeatedly without much response. What I really need to know is, what happens to clients running 8.xx version if I upgrade Policy manager to the latest…
  • Hi Vad, Thanks for the info, just wanted to make sure! :) Regards, JC
  • Hi Vad and thanks for you answer! I´m sorry but expressed myself badly regarding the "reboot part" in last post, the question I was meaning to ask was: After I have disabled windows services, the drivers in the above picture are _still_ present in memory (I guess the Deepguard driver will unload when deactivated from…
  • Hi, I would like to disable Client Security on several hosts in my test domain, all at once from the Policy manager. How do I do this, is it enough to uncheck the choices below? Enable Automatic updates Real-time scanning enabled Enable FW engine E-mail and Web scanning are not in use. Anything else I should be aware of,…
  • Hi Ben, Thanks for you help, after a couple of tries we found out which ports to open. Regards, JC
  • Hi, Thanks to both of you for your answers. That was what I found so strange, why should the old PMS start to download lots of updates, increasing the size of the folder several GB, after installing the new Server Security for the server itself? Anyway don´t waste time on this "issue", I have disabled automatic…
  • Hi again, Sorry to nag you about this! Can´t I use the below setting for "scheduled updates"? If not, what is it used for? Regards, JC
  • Hi, Thank you for your answers. All the clients (cash registers) have dual-core CPUs and at least 1,5 GB RAM installed so it should not be a HW issue. OS is actually XP SP3 + all additional patches. The problem still continues, tickets and complaints coming in almost every day. I also sent in fsdiag files from clients…
  • Hi, Thank you for you answer and apologies for not searching for a solution more thoroughly. Almost all info that I needed was found in your link but I have another question after reading this: To implement these settings for laptops at this customer, should I configure what is called "Security level autoselection", and…
  • Hi, Ok, will look into that. Seems there is no other alt then to use GPO or script. Thanks for your help! :) Regards, JC
  • Hi, Thanks for your answer. I apologize for being a bit unclear in my question. What I really wanted to know was if it´s possible to disable BP toolbar centrally using PMC? My customer has a couple of thousand hosts already installed using an msi package containing BP, and now, afterwards, he does not want this to appear…
  • Hi, Thanks again for you advice, you are always helpful! Don´t understand how you get the time to contribute so much in this community, but I guess if you manage F-secure for customers, it runs smoothly without any problems. Best regards, JC
  • Hi, Obviously I have been misinformed by my predecessor according to MS exclusions. I am actually working on the other exclusions and finding out what the problem really is on the clients, eliminating one by one. Regarding C:\Positive, this folder apparently contains an application that takes "forever" to start if it´s…
  • Hi, My colleague contacted the vendor when I was away and after trying a few different solutions that did not work, they finally found the problem. Turns out when checking commdir consistency, some domains were corrupted somehow. The Domains Recovery Tool from F-secure fixed it! Thanks and regards, JC
  • Hi, Yes, all 4 hotfixes are applied. The server is in fact virtual, running on vmware. It has been "assigned" the following resources: 4 x Xeon CPU, 4 GB RAM, 40 GB HDD (approx. 9 GB free) and Windows 2008 64-bit OS. PMC is running on same machine as PMS. Should be enough for approx 5500 hosts? Several hosts I logged onto…
  • Hi, Thank you for responding. There are different client versions, 9.20 + 9.11 + 9.10 and also some old 8.01 clients waiting to be upgraded very soon. :) Anyway, there is no obvious (to me) connection between old hosts and new hosts, e.g. there are some 9.11 and 9.10 thats shows up normally and some show N/A. also the few…
  • Hi Peter, No problem at all, I´m just glad that you could find the time to help me. Thank you very much! Regards, JC
  • Hi, Thank you very much, for helping me out! Two more questions pls, just to confirm that I understand. :) I administrate F-secure on PC's that use different languages and I want to exclude one application from RTS. This could be located in 3 different places on any local drive. Let´s say the application, on a PC using…
  • Hi, Turns out there was a problem with the HDD. Could not see the "usual HDD-error" messages in event viewer but eventually found some "application popup" messages that pointed us in the right direction. :) Thank you for you time! Regards, JC
  • Hi, Yes, hotfixes 7 + 8 are installed. I will try to upgrade. Just in case if I should get the same error message after upgrade, could you please tell me, if any, some common reasons as to why this happens? Thanks in advance! Regards, JC
  • Ok, will do. Thanks for your answer. Regards, JC
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  • Hi, Thanks again for your answers. I really appreciate that you take the time to help me out answering my questions. Matthias: We are upgrading as fast as we can so I won´t ask any more about 8.x clients..:) Regards, JC
  • Hi, Thank u both for you answers. The setting for RTS is scan "files with these extensions", that´s why I can´t understand why the machines are so slow. One last question when/if you have time: What is the difference between the 2 rows from fa.log below, can/should I use both when configuring exclusions in RTS?…