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  • Hi Malware1,   Please remember to log in or sign up on the left panel, otherwise you won't receive the e-mail notification.   Kindly note that SAS portal is the official method to submit samples to our labs.   Thank you.
    in Submissions Comment by IvanD June 2014
  • Hello MiNi,   Unfortunately Jolla is a different Operating System than Android, so Google Play is not supported for Jolla either.   Currently F-Secure Key is supported in the following platforms: - Android - iOS - Windows - Mac   Thank you…
    in Key and Jolla Comment by IvanD June 2014
  • Hi Rottmaster,   I've just moved your post to the Freedome section.   Regarding your issue, was Freedome installed on that device previously? Have you recently installed a custom ROM on your device?   Could you please advise which Android vers…
  • Hi Jac7,   What kind of issue were you experiencing on the installation?    Regarding your latest post about the network, F-Secure protects the device regardless of the network that is connected to.
  • Hi Kris,   Indeed that behavior can be considered normal, especially on slow connections. Without knowing the specifics of the request, it could have been that the site was loading content from different sources; the first content delivered was no…
  • Hi F-Satan,   Thank you for the information provided. From your description though, we really need to take a look to the logs to understand what is failing during your upgrade.   We would appreciate if you could please open a support ticket here…
  • Hi Kris,   From the description it could be then an advertisement, placed by a third party tool/extension on your browser.   Does that website get blocked if you use Internet Explorer? If Chrome is the only one affected, I would suggest you to f…
  • Hi StHubi,   As Nikk had previously suggested, the fastest and safest way to address this issue would be to submit the sample through our portal: https://analysis.f-secure.com/portal/login.html     Please sign up on the left panel, and you will…
  • Hi,   With that amount of clients, I would suggest you to take a look at our Protection Service for Business (PSB) Solution, as it will easily allow you to handle those clients, without the necessity of investing in a server machine to do the cent…
  • Hi,   Does this happen with any browser? If you always see the website Adsplats reported, then your browser might be highjacked by some adware.   Usually those programs are installed with the approval of the user, integrated as an option install…
  • Hi,   please create a support ticket by using the following form: http://www.f-secure.com/en/web/home_global/support/contact/request   Please include the FSDiag report so the case is handled more quick.
  • Hi Jessetn,   the data is then synchronized through all the devices? Even if the iPad for example is not linked on F-Secure Key?
    in Key Comment by IvanD December 2013
  • Hi John,   Currently F-Secure Key supports the following data export formats:   * Password Safe XML export format * KeePass 2.x XML export format * 1Password 'interchange File' format * F-Secure Key's own data export format  
  • Hi Sue,   please use this link to create a support request to F-Secure: http://www.f-secure.com/en/web/home_global/support/contact/request   Including the following details in the request will help to speed up the case resolution: 1. Full Name…
  • Hi simes1970,   As advised by Simon before, please do contact support to address that issue with the installation and login details, as they can't be shared here.
  • StephD, Quick1 and Orrobbins,   Would you be so kind as to open a ticket with support, providing the logs generated with the Support tool?  You may find more information about generating those logs in the following link: http://www.f-secure.com/e…
  • With Gold we identify the first version of any specific software or version (ie without any service packs on top). Its mainly used for manual exclusion purposes.
  • Hi,    Please open a ticket with the support team providing them the following information:   Login Name Possibilities of E-Mail Addresses you might have registered   Thank you
  • Yes, as long as the policy has been set previously (for example to install the updates automatically), the Software Updater component will fetch the updates from the 3rd party vendor's sites.
  • Hi StephD,   Could you please specify which product of F-Secure you just installed and what e-mail client you currently use? Do you get any kind of error when you try to attach your documents?   Thank you.
  • Hi,   you may find the full list of supported programs on the following link:   http://www.f-secure.com/en/web/business_global/swup
  • Hi,   We have not received yet any case related to this. Do you need to manually restart the service each time? If you still have a machine experiencing the problem, you might try first to stop the services related to F-Secure one by one to try to…
  • Hi,   This functionality is now not offered as a stand-alone option to scan, because it has been automatically integrated into other technologies of our product. Rest assured that the new Deepguard 5, and our Cloud Online Reputation system, fully…
  • Hi,   at the moment this feature is not planned to be implemented in the near future.   Kind regards, Ivan
  • Indeed it would be a good addition, as this kind of programs don't interfere with the security solution to protect the system.   Regards, Ivan
  • Hi Nikk,   Indeed your operator does not offer Banking Protection at the moment.   You will need to wait for their reply if you wish to know whether they plan to include this in their packages in future.   Kind regards, Ivan