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  • It may I ask otherwise What new can we expect from the new version of F-Secure in 2017 in addition to the improved engine? Will there be any new security? And maybe there will be some new features?
  • Now, still I am waiting in the F-Secure 2017 for the other features that I mentioned in this topic;) Regards
  • Hi Laksh Fix works :) If someone has a problem it does not have to reinstall Firefox. Just go (given for Windows 7) C / Program Files (x86) /FSecure/Safe/apps/OnlineSafety/browser/install/fs_firefox_https/fs_firefox_https.xpi (click and open with Firefox) Thank you!
  • As for Opera and qualification of the parties .... He helped me Ukko. Thank you Ukko! :) Spoiler (Highlight to read)Under installation F-Secure folder an subfolders like "apps\OnlineSafety\browser\install" should be folder about Chrome-app extension. If you transfer this file to address-bar of Opera.. this will trigger…
  • Laksh All the time I'm waiting for an answer on Firefox. You promised to come back with the answer. I still do not work with Firefox. Protecting banking works on Opera. It does not work on Opera also qualification pages
  • 1) Check the file to 2_ Send this file to the analysis laboratory F-Secure And the question. How is it found on your computer if you have installed F-Secure? FSecue detected in real time or during on-demand scan?
  • Laksh napisali: Hi IceMan7, Sorry for the delay in getting to you. And thanks for your detailed input. I did look through your posts but @Ukko was replying to the queries pretty much in detail. We are always here for the presence, but din't jump in as we appreciate more interaction and engagement among the Community…
  • Simon napisali: I was slightly put off from using Bitdefender Safe Pay, because although it claims to be a secure browser, I still wasn't sure where the actual data was passing through, in that, does the browser store data, etc? At least with FS, you are still using your own default browser, which, to me, makes me feel…
  • The problem with the FF is well known. Remember that FF is an open source program. IE Opera, etc. is not a problem. At least I do not. From the information in the network, you can find out that F-Secure is working on this. For example, curiosity Safepay of Bitdenfendera (installed separately from the whole package of…
  • If I can thrown in a few words from me. F-Secure has just one major flaw. Sometimes he has a problem with deleting files. Other AV have no such problem. Secondly. This file is located in the Temp. Temp is junk on your computer. If the F-Secure could not delete the file, you can remove it manually yourself. If you are not…
  • Today I got a message on an email asking if I was satisfied with its reply. I'm not. I am waiting for a reply F-Secure. One sentence to point 6 that I wrote earlier. 6) No automatic scanning connected external devices. I mean, for example, by USB. F-Secure user himself must scan on demand. We need to know that even with a…
  • I would like to explain the beginning of a sentence that i wrote before. 4) All current plug-ins that we need to incorporate in your browser should be incorporated in the F-Secure (Browser Protection, Banking Protection etc). Just as it has Bitdefender. I mean that, All this plug Bitdefender has built in himself and does…
  • Hello, FIRST Reinstall 1) F-Secure 2) Firefox 3) Same plugins It gives nothing. Maybe this is also just Firefox 48 trouble (my dreams about this.. just strange.. that banking protection did not work). Do you have normal experience with Internet Explorer about Banking Protection at this time? I do not use for 10 years, the…
  • Hi You have to take into account that Kaspersky could go wrong. Send this file to F-Secure lab and see what your answer. Regards
  • SpyHunter - Scanner dubious reputation strongly jumped in the results of Google and applying techniques of manipulation leaning installation. Google whole bunch of highly positioned descriptions of "removing malware" designed in such a way to download SpyHunter as a marvelous free treatment for an infection. After…