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  • Hi Matthias, As you perhaps are aware of, the official release of Firefox 7.0 is out today (September 27th), but F-Secure browsing protection is still not compatible with that new version, even though I followed your advice and ran the beta of fsbdupdate9.exe but that did not work for me either. So when can we expect this…
  • Installed that new F.F. 6.0.2 update as well, but BP still does not work for me.
  • Hi Matthias, Just now I downloaded and ran the latest beta fsdbupdate9 as you suggested, but it did not install the latest browser protection updates for Firefox 6.0.1. The rest of the daily updates however installed correctly.
  • Hi Peter, Yes, I tried it previously, and at your suggestion tried it again today, but to no avail as it does not do the trick. Afterwards I downloaded and ran: fsdbupdate9.exe but F.F. 6.0.1 browsing protection has not been updated as yet, and is still not compatible for this new version of the browser. All the virus and…
  • Hi Matthias, Sure, I can wait 'till Monday for this, hopefully it will be straightened out by then.
  • Hi Mathias, Since automatic updating still does not work, I'm still downloading and running fsdupdate9.exe on a daily basis, but it does not update the browsing protection tool bar. However it does update: Virus and Spyware defintions, Hydra, Aquarius and DeepGuard etc. OK.
  • Hi Matthias, There seems to be a problem with my program, as it does not automatically update these. Is there some way that I can manually updates them to Shaw Secure?
  • Shaw Secure updated to the files below, are these the latest, as they are not compatible with Firefox 6.0.1., which was released last Friday: F-Secure Browsing Protection/SW 1.10 build 5322 F-Secure Browsing Protection/ES 0.70 build 530
  • Does this also apply to Firefox 7.0 Beta 1, which was released yesterday (August 17th)?
  • Hi Matthias, It seems that I was mistaken in my previous post as I did find: "fsaua.cfg" under programs, and I opened it with Notepad. But all I could find listed was: log_level=debug debug_level=2 You mentioned in your last post that I should add certain lines, does this mean that these replace the above. Please, let me…
  • Hi Matthias, You're right the automatic update server dit not work as my virus definitions are still dated at 9:13 am PDT yesterday (Saturday August 23th). So I tried the advice given under: "Beta Update Channel - Instructions", but I'm unable to folow that, because when I opened the "C:\Program Files\Shaw…
  • Thanks Matthias, That latest update of "fsdbpdate9" did the trick for me and updated my virus definitions completely today. Earlier they were 8 days old and I was unable to update them. Does this also mean the automatic update on my Shaw Secure will work again?
  • Hi Matthias, Did follow your advice, but it did not do the trick. As far as "to verify the MD5/SHA CRC-Checksum" is concerned, I'm not too computer savvy, and I'd rather not muck around in the registry. Do you think that running the rescue disc again might help with this problem?
  • It seems that a new problem has arisen with "fsdbupdate9", as now when I run it a message appears: "ERROR could not extract - file corrupted", so right now I'm again not able to update my virus definitions. The present ones are 2 days old. How can this be corrected?
  • Yes, it seems that the Shaw interface is at least one year old, but since the program is supplied for free to Shaw customers it's up to them to update it. Also every time in order to manually update the latest virus definitions I have to download a fresh copy of "fsdbupdate9" then run it and reboot the computer. Just did…
  • Hi Matthias, The version being used is" Shaw Secure 9.01 build 105 a co-branded version of F-Secure. This is the other information given: F-Secure Anti-Virus 9.10 build 1526,1 F-Secure Automatic Update Agent 8.25 build 3737 ,F-Secure User Interface 9.01 build 5078 ,F-Secure Management Agent 8.10 build 30088 F-Secure…
  • The program is operating normally now except this morning I noticed that the automatic virus update still does not work as the last one was yesterday at 10.02 am PST and nothing today. I did run the two files: “fsau-reset” and “fsdbupdate9” which did not solve this problem. Also I unistalled: “Trusteer Rapport” since there…
  • Thanks Phil, that seems to do the trick, as I checked the manual scan and it works, also the icon in the systems tray now has a message: "Your virus definitions are very old" and a little red circle with a white "x" in it is flashing continuously so presumable it's updating this right now.
  • Sorry but I don't have a rescue disc, as I did not know that F-Secure has one. Just now I ran the F-Secure Health Check, and found out that I don't have anti-virus and spyware protection, while when I open Shaw Secure it states that my computer is fully protected but automatic update under settings tells me that the virus…
  • Just checked under: "About", and I noticed that today browsing protected has been update to SW1.10 build 5617, which is now compatible with Firefox 5.0.1, and is working perfectly with that browser. Thanks.
  • Hi Stephan, Firefox 5.0 is my default browser, but so far F-Secure browser protected has not been updated for that version. As far as Maxthon 3 is concerned, I'm not too technically savvy to try your solution, so I'll just use it the way it is, and ignore the pop up windows, knowing that I will not put my system at risk,…
    in Maxthon 3 Comment by Handries July 2011
  • Thanks Matthias for your suggestions, however, as I have used the Maxthon browser for many years I never had any problems with security issues. Especially this new version Maxthon 3.0 has it's own: "Safe URL Checker", which to me is very reliable. If you like you can try it for…
    in Maxthon 3 Comment by Handries July 2011
  • Just installed F.F. 50, and noticed that the version listed in the add-ons folder is: " Browsing Protection 1.10", which is the one that's not compatible with this browser. Hopefully this will be updated soon, as I'm missing this extra feature of Shaw Secure (rebranded version of F-Secure). Thanks