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  • PM is 13.10.84021. FSCS is 13.10.215. I noticed that sometimes when you remove the client software and reinstall it that the installer completed without problem altho nothing was installed onto the system. A second run of the install makes it work but in this case the PM doesn't display everything right. The client shows…
  • Apparently it didn't but kept downloading, removing data all day. I stopped the policy manager server and the update server service. Moved those old folder to a NAS And started it again now it's a lot more stable and no constant data writing and removing. I also see that the up to date clients jumped from 0-1.5% to 60%…
  • I have the same problem since a server reboot last week. (PM v12 not 13) I even had to expand the virtual disk with 10Gb and it still keeps filling it, erasing, filling again etc. there are some folders untouched since october/november eating up 16Gb of space. can this be deleted manually? folder data can be seen below,…
  • Due to a file lock on one of the vmware files set by our backup software I had to reboot the host where this server is running on. Again the same missery. I even had to stop all fsecure services before the server became responsive again.
  • the method works afterall. I forgot to save the changes (popup was out of sight)
  • Is there a way to add an IP range to the allowed hosts so that I can connect to the console/quarantine from my own computer with dhcp based IP address ? I tried & but that doesn't seem to work. It works with my currect IP tho but it might change over time. Also my colleagues should keep an…
  • ok, no problem. I kept pressing start scan and there's only 3 mailboxes left to do now.
  • Indeed but it already processed 400.000 mails so this "recent" is a year or so then? it still seems to stop after change that setting tho.
  • I had a manual mail scan running that suddenly stopped after 17 minutes or so. now each time I start it it stops again after a few seconds and the infected counter increases. is it normal that it stops on every infection?
  • Now the goodies appear in the console.
  • yes, a push from the policy manager console. I'll give the local install a try. Thanks for the hint