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  • @nononyme : But if got to 02-02-2018 ......and you say [I'm pretty sure it's just a friendly reminder] ???? When the send me a reminder 2 weeks before renewel O.K, but this is just ridiculous. And this reminder pops-up up twicw a day. 
  • I have read it again, and it can be working with Windows firewall, but i will not use it anymore. Because it can`t look in linux, and that is very important for me, because i use linux on a laptop.
  • Hello Ukko, I mean that i got that same screen,and that is very annoying. Because i`ve got to (02-02-2018) and i can`t stop that f-secure nagging screen. Sometimes it pops-up twice a day, and that`s not funny anymore. So when this can not be repaired, then i will look for another antivirus program. Before f-secure i got…
  • Hello, I installed glasswire, but it will NOT work with f-secure. My opinion is, that this is not a good way to work with your customers, because the decide what the want. And i don`t want win 10 firewall, i want my own choice firewall. But oke, now i will look for another antivirus product that will give me the choice.…
  • Got the same problem, its very annoying. I got to (02-02-2018) so f-secure do something about it. When this is not over till then, i will not take a renewel.
  • Thanks for your reply, Other browsers should mabye work fine, but not for me. I use only firefox (64) as a browser, because it also works fine for me on linux. But i need windows to do some things that i can`t do on linux (because im not a linux geek). But with this little problem i can`t do my work, and so now the only…
  • Or when F-Secure is enabled - browser do not show pages? This is exactly what happens. I`ve looked in F-Secure if there is something i overlooked, but can`t find nothing. Maybe the firewall from windows ???? I`m not sure if that me be the problem, but now i am using my laptop with linux so i can do something. But you…