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  • It's been a while since I've had any news on the topic, but last I checked, I still couldn't get KEY to sync at work, due to an authenticated proxy... I'm not even getting the software update notifications either. Sadly, this discouraged a few of my colleagues who went for other password managing solutions instead. The…
  • Dropping by to ask for a status update....
  • Almost a month gone by without so much as a "hello"... Kind of disappointed here...
  • Hello, It has been two weeks since my previous message and I would very much like an answer on this topic. I can't seem to submit a support ticket about it (Key is not listed in the product options when submitting a support request). Is anyone from F-Secure around and able to chime in? I would understand if it was…
  • Same here, no auto-focus on the input field.
  • Hi again! After a few months of syncing the passwords I need both at home and at work by hand, I've decided to have another look into this issue. I've fired up WireShark to try and get some details about why it wouldn't go through and here are my findings. I see the following requests: - outbound: HTTP CONNECT…
  • Hi! Thanks for the replies and for checking up on me! Unfortunately I haven't been able to make it work, I'm guessing you use a port that is blocked by my proxy... I haven't had time to check though, but using IE instead of my usual browser before firing up the application didn't change a thing. Cheers, Thomas
  • Hi Lauri, Thanks for your kind reply! It does sound like you guys are doing it all right (knowing the reputation of the company, I would have been surprised if you didn't handle proxies at all)... I'll try firing up IE then and will let you know how it goes. Thanks again for your time! ++ Thomas