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  • Hi Frog, If by reset you mean reboot the appliance, then the connectivity to the particular appliance will be lost temporarily while the appliance boots up again. However once the network services are up and running you should be able to reconnect to it. Perhaps you could provide us more details about your current setup…
  • Hi Claude, The program has been tested to work correctly under: DebianGNU Linux 6.0 (Squeeze) 32/64bit Debian GNU Linux 7.2 (Wheezy) 32/64bit The product may also work on other Linux versions however none of those are supported officially. It is possible the cause of the issue is due to a different version of glibc. I…
  • Hi sw2090, We would like to follow up whether the issue remains unresolved or otherwise. Please do let us know if you require further assistance. Regards, Federico
  • Hi jmeander, We would like to follow up whether the issue remains unsolved or you have managed to solve it. Please do reply to us if you need further assistance. Please feel free to contact us again should you need further assistance.
  • Hi Sebastian, Assuming the settings are correct, by default the clients will fallback to the Policy Manager Server if the Policy Manager Proxy is not available. I would suggest to check if the connection from the clients to the Policy Manager Proxy is working. Please check if the Policy Manager Proxy is reachable at the IP…
  • Hi F-Satan, Did you receive a reply from support about this case? Please let us know and we will investigate further. Thanks.
  • Hi, Could you provide us more information about the issue? 1. The article you mentioned applies to version 9.x. Which F-Secure program are you using and which version in particular? 2. Which version of the Cisco VPN client are you using? Thank you.