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  • Hi, If you want to enforce the changes to clients, you need to select the option "Disallow user changes". In that way, if the client has different settings, the settings will be overrided by those from the Policy Manager. Regards,
  • Hi Markus, Could you let us know if the issue was eventually resolved and what was the outcome? That will benefit others which might find a similar problem. Regards,
  • Hi Daniel, As you make the changes to the profile, please remember to publish/distribute the new changes once you are done making them, otherwise the workstations will connect and still see the old profile on the portal and hence won't download the new changes. Regards,
  • Hi Henrik, As mentioned on the link you posted, some updates will also provide new binaries hence it is not possible to separate them. You could install the whole program on another drive which is persistent if that is the case. Regards,
  • Hi, You can sign up for the Beta for Freedome for Desktop here: Regards,
  • Hi EJB, It won't cause any complications, adding it will make your searchs run thru . Which as you can see is also powered by Google. Regards,
  • Hi Doole, May we know whether your issue is resolved or not? If it is still not resolved please do open a support ticket with us and we will assist you further. Regards,
  • Hi, May we know whether your issue is resolved or not? If it is still not resolved kindly let us know. Regards,
  • Hi Carsten, May we know if the issue was resolved after submitting the file to the SAS portal? Regards,
  • Hi Mick, The idea is to allow the Administrators to be able to perform the changes while at the same time simplifying the interface. In general, for security purposes, it is recommended not to give Administrative rights to every account on the system. If you were to have kids at home, and they were using an account with…
  • If a laptop is protected by F-Secure, the malware is likely to be detected before it is placed on the Desktop. However, assuming for some reason the malware is not detected at that time and copied over to the NAS, then what you could do is have a dedicated scheduled scan set to scan the NAS from another host regularly.…
  • Hi Alsimmo, Even though the clients are reachable by ping, please kindly refer to below for the check list for push installation to be working: 1. The installation account have enough rights (has to be local or domain administrator). 2. Enable the Remote registry service on the clients( To enable remote registry service go…
  • Hi RPE, Here is the link you were looking for: Exlusion make sense if the folder you are scanning is hosted on a remote server. It makes more sense to have the remote server then scan the folders locally as it will consume less time and…
  • Hi Pedrogs, You need to use the App, you can't manually setup the VPN connection. It is unlikely the app will cut the download however if for some reason your internet connection fails long enough to break the tunnel, then the connection would be momentarily interrupted. Perhaps you could use a download manager in order to…
  • Hi Piassa, The error message indicates the IP address which you have assigned as a gateway can't be reached based on the IP address assigned to the appliance and the current netmask. The netmask seems to be wrong, having a netmask of allows communication only with itself. There should also be another…
  • Hi, If you mean you renamed the files, you shouldn't. Please do not rename the files. The files are meant to change and rpm mentioning it can't find them is safe to ignore. I don't believe zabbix could be preventing the program from writing to that folder, zabbix is supposed to be used for monitoring. Since the error…
  • Hi, Those are the folders I mentioned. rpm can't find the original folders: /var/opt/f-secure/fssp/databases/aqualnx32.0/ /var/opt/f-secure/fssp/databases/fmlibunix.0/ /var/opt/f-secure/fssp/databases/hydralinux.0/ Because they were removed an replaced with the ones below as the updates were downloaded:…
  • What do you see listed under: /var/opt/f-secure/fssp/databases/ Regards,
  • Hi Marlon, Those files are part of the Virus Definition database, as they get updated, their name changes. If you go to that folder you will see a few folders which start with the same name but have a different number after the '.' (dot). rpm won't be able to find the original files because they are no longer there since…
  • Hi Marlon, As you can see in the logs, the modules are compiling correctly for the kernel you are currently using, 2.6.32-431.20.5.el6.x86_64 (since you followed the steps I mentioned). The issue remains for the old kernel 2.6.32-358.el6.x86_64. At this point, the program will work correctly as long as you boot on the…
  • Hi Marlon, The instructions were written following the kernel version you were using when you placed the post. Since you are now using a newer kernel, you have to install the corresponding matching packages: yum install "kernel-devel-$(uname -r)" "kernel-headers-$(uname -r)" Once they are installed, you can run the…
  • Hi Marlon, The logs mention the problem is caused because of the following missing folder: /lib/modules/2.6.32-358.el6.x86_64/build/ Which is not really a folder but a link to the kernel sources. Either the link is broken or you do not have the kernel sources installed. If the kernel source for that particular kernel is…
  • Hi ZiPPu, Client Security is focused on corporate environments. Normally you will need to contact your IT administrator in order to add new firewall rules from the Policy Manager Console. If your IT administrator (or if you are the IT administrator) does allow you to make changes to the firewall rules locally from the…
  • Hi Frog, Did the answer we provided cover your question? Do let us know if you need more information. Regards,
  • Hi, Were you able to see the hosts in the Policy Manager Console? Regards,
  • Hi Jonas, As the release notes state, "Remote installation with F-Secure Policy Manager is possible for F-Secure Server Security only. To deploy F-Secure E-mail and Server Security, you need to make the attended installation either locally or over the remote desktop connection." You can find a copy of the release notes,…
  • Hi, Yes, you should see the new hostname in the Policy Manager Console. The change should happen after the workstation contacts the Policy Manager back, depending on the interval you have set.