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  • Cale-- Thanks for your input. You said, "Windows allows you to tag a game (or application) through the xbox game bar settings if it is not detected" This is true, but it requires manual effort and steps on the part of the end user...and most of them don't even know what an X-box game bar is, or how to get to it. It also…
  • PS Ukko, thanks for your detailed comments. Why not have BOTH ways of Game Mode. Automatic is fine (IF it would work even SOME of the time; it NEVER works for me). BUT why not also allows users to MANUALLY turn Game mode on/off, like we could do for the past years? Removing control is not a way to keep gamers happy. You…
  • Automatic Gaming mode still does NOT work for me. At all. Ever. I'm running Win10 in Game Mode. I've played about 7 different games, and F-Secure SAFE has detected NONE of them. I'm playing in full-screen mode. The 'Automatic' Gaming detection appears to be a comple fail, at least for me. Some examples: I tried 3 different…
  • Addendum: After rebooting PC (after 18.1 update), I can now turn the AUTOMATIC Gaming Mode on or off by digging down in the Scanning Settings. However, I still no longer have the ability to quickly and manually enable or disable Game Mode on the fly. Please bring back the 'right click' menu method of allowing us to turn…
  • They aren't going to fix it. They do not listen to their customers. Competing products allow you to disable unwanted renewal nags. F-Secure refuses to do so. Lesson learned; F-Secure behaves like uncontrollable malware popups. No more F-Secure products for me or my company, ever!
  • A program that gives daily unwanted, disruptive, unnecessary, and repetitive popups is malware. F-Secure provides NO way for the customer to turn off or control its own totally unwanted and completely unnecessary 'renewal' popups, which can occur many times in a single day. This is incredibly, incredibly disruptive and…
  • This was originally suggested over 2 years ago. Has boot time protection been implemented in F-Secure Safe or other home versions? If not, why not? This is a 100% necessary feature. If it is not available in F-Secure, I will move on to one of the MANY competitors which has had this feature for years. Thank you.
  • 2 and a half years later, and still no fix for this. Daily (or more often) NAG NAG NAG about renewal is same as MALWARE. Fix this, F-Secure, or you will continue to annoy and lose customers. Please provide a checkbox or other way to turn OFF the unwanted renewal notices! We only need to be told ONCE. If not fixed by…
  • Lack of a firewall is another reason I will not be renewing F-Secure. Windows Firewall is inadequate, hard to manage, and easy for hackers to get around. F-Secure, please take a hint from Kaspersky, Norton, and BitDefender: implement a simple firewall within F-Secure SAFE, please. Until then I cannot recommend your product…
  • The "accepted" solution posted by F-Secure is a joke, and is NOT a solution. There is NO way to turn off the nags, which they admit. Their 'solution' is to renew 30+ days early, or to open a (useless) support ticket. This is NOT a solution! Why they do not provide a way to turn OFF the unwanted, unnecessary, and idiotic…
  • NONE of those are solutions. That is a total FAIL, DawidFS. Provide a way for users to turn OFF the daily unwanted NAG NAG NAG, or you will be losing MANY customers forever.
  • A DAILY NAG is NEVER EVER a good idea. I do NOT use products that constantly aggravate and nag me, and which give me NO option to turn off the pestering. As F-Secure is now insisting on an unwanted, unnecessary, and completely UNwanted daily (and sometimes more than once per day, arrrrrgh!) nag screen (your subscription…