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  • They aren't going to fix it. They do not listen to their customers. Competing products allow you to disable unwanted renewal nags. F-Secure refuses to do so.  Lesson learned; F-Secure behaves like uncontrollable malware popups. No more F-Secure p…

  • A program that gives daily unwanted, disruptive, unnecessary, and repetitive popups is malware.


    F-Secure provides NO way for the customer to turn off or control its own totally unwanted and completely unnecessary 'renewal' popups, w…

  • This was originally suggested over 2 years ago.  Has boot time protection been implemented in F-Secure Safe or other home versions?

    If not, why not?
    This is a 100% necessary feature. If it is not available in F-Secure, I will move on t…

  • 2 and a half years later, and still no fix for this. Daily (or more often) NAG NAG NAG about renewal is same as MALWARE.  Fix this, F-Secure, or you will continue to annoy and lose customers. Please provide a checkbox or other way to turn OFF the…

  • Lack of a firewall is another reason I will not be renewing F-Secure. Windows Firewall is inadequate, hard to manage, and easy for hackers to get around. F-Secure, please take a hint from Kaspersky, Norton, and BitDefender:  implement a simple fi…

  • The "accepted" solution posted by F-Secure is a joke, and is NOT a solution. There is NO way to turn off the nags, which they admit. Their 'solution' is to renew 30+ days early, or to open a (useless) support ticket. This is NOT a solution!

  • NONE of those are solutions. That is a total FAIL, DawidFS.
    Provide a way for users to turn OFF the daily unwanted NAG NAG NAG, or you will be losing MANY customers forever.
  • A DAILY NAG is NEVER EVER a good idea.  I do NOT use products that constantly aggravate and nag me, and which give me NO option to turn off the pestering.  As F-Secure is now insisting on an unwanted, unnecessary, and completely UNwanted daily (a…