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  • Hi, We have F-Secure Cloud Protection for Salesforce solution (, which can analyze files and URLs uploaded to or downloaded from Salesforce platform. Even if you upload files via Salesforce REST API, F-Secure app will be able scan content and…
  • Hi, F-Secure Cloud Protection for Salesforce leverages F-Secure Security Cloud to scan data for malicious or harmful content. F-Secure Security Cloud services are deployed in multiple regions/countries to avoid transfers overseas and process data based on customer location. Please contact us by email at…
  • Hi, Email messages can be malformed in a number of ways. Various of the header fields (source, destination addresses etc.) can be corrupted, either accidentally or deliberately. The format used to encode email attachments can also be subject to corruption. Quite often, malicious, spam and phishing emails are deliberatly…
  • Hello, Have you checked this post at Spiceworks: Even though it gives instructions how to configure firewall rules in F-Secure Policy Manager, you will hopefully get the idea how to create them in PSB Profile Editor. BR, Dmitriy
  • Hello, Remote malware and spyware scanning can be done from Policy Manager. Check the Operations tab in the Policy Manager Console. You can also create a scheduled task to scan a computer at specified date&time and/or regular interval. Please visit our online help for more details:…
  • Hi, Please check this page for more details and instructions: Hope this helps.
  • You can inquire the status by replying to the email message that you should receive upon sample submission.
  • Hello, The old sample submission (SAS) portal has been decommisioned and there is a new, revamped page from where you can send F-Secure Labs binary and URL samples. The new submission URL is The old link ( should automatically…
  • Hello, Please check the release notes. The Offload Scanning Agent is included into F-Secure Email and Server Security product, which you would install on Windows Server OS. Make sure that the Offload Scanning Agent is enabled during installation, though--by default it is disabled. You will also need to deploy the Scanning…
  • Hi, Mobile Security and Freedome complement but not replace each other. Mobile Security provides Application Privacy (aka App Permissions) and Call Blocker (aka Safe Contacts) features, which are not available in Freedome. What comes to the AV functionality, Freedome's App Security relies on F-Secure Security Cloud and…
  • Hello, PSB Workstation Security 12.0 will include Web Control, Connection Control and advanced web traffic scanning features. The new version is expected in January next year. You can already get and try out the beta version from PSB Live portal. BR, Dmitriy
  • You are welcome! BTW, I've found that PSB Admin Guide contains (rather brief) instructions about upgrade from Policy Manager to PSB. Please check it out: It will anyway be helpful in your trial.
  • Do you know perhapsdmitriy, is there any possibility to upload my existingfspmconfig database right intopsb? Or must I reconfigure everything from scratch ? As far as I know, currently there is no way to import policies to PSB from the existing PM. So, you will need to define them from scratch. Does fsecure provide a…
  • PSB Workstation Security for Mac may be still a better option for you than F-Secure Internet Security for Mac as you will have more subscriptions to choose. Otherwise, PSB Mac client has the same features as the consumer product. As for switching from PM to PSB, I'd recommend you to give a try with PSB first and get…
  • Hello, I am afraid that we don't have enough details to find out whether the problem is with the client or proxy configuration. Could you please open a support ticket and send us a fsdiag report with all relevant logs from your system. BR, Dmitriy
  • Hello, For security reasons, the demo login feature has been removed from all PSB instances. Appologies for not informing about the change. According to our telemetry, this feature wasn't much used lately and hence it was decided to remove it. We may bring it back after getting things more secure. BR, Dmitriy
  • Hello, The old sample submission (SAS) portal has been decommisioned and there is a new, revamped page from where you can send F-Secure Labs binary and URL samples. The new submission URL is The old link ( should automatically…
  • Hi, F-Secure still support Windows XP with Client Security 11.x, but it must have SP3 and all latest hotfixes installed. If the computer meets the system requirements, then I'd suggest you to open a ticket and provide FSDiag report from that machine where the product malfunctions.
  • Hi, F-Secure Spam Scanner relies on a cloud-based service and hence may report failures when there are network related issues. Of course, it is possible that the problem may be caused by the Spam Scanner database update. In order to investigate the problem, we'd like to get more details. Could you open a support ticket…
  • Hi, @Maslizan09 wrote: Please be informed F-Secure Server Security is not supported on Windows Server 2012 datacenter. It is not explicitly mentioned in the release notes, but Windows Server 2012 Data Center edition is actually supported platform. The problem may have something to do with the core installation. FelipeO:…
  • Hi, We are checking our products and services for recent OpenSSL vulnerability as we speak. Rest assure we will inform partners and customers if any of F-Secure products and services are affected, and provide more details later on. Stay tuned.
  • With Policy Manager 12 you can still manage old Client Security versions running on Windows XP. However, you will not be able to upgrade those to Client Security 12.
  • Hi, @genetex wrote: Dropped features * Windows XP support So I get some question if the v12 was not support Windows XP Platform or not, am I right?? This means that Policy Manager 12 and Client Security 12 do not support Windows XP platform anymore.
  • Hi, 100 clients per 1 SRS is recommendation based on internal tests we did with LoginVSI tool. The SRS can handle more clients and adding more CPU and RAM to the virtual appliance may improve overall performance. However, I'd recommend you to monitor performance of your whole environment (VDI) after initial deployment and…
  • If you are upgrading to the version affected by the vulnerability, then yes, you should push the hotfix after upgrade.
  • Hello, Yes, we license technology from our partner, Bitdefender, and employ their AV engine in corporate and consumer security products. However, we do develop and use our own technologies for advanced malware scanning, network interception and behavior analysis, such as DeepGuard, which help us to win AV-TEST award 4th…