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  • Today is Christmas Day so I wouldn't expect anyone to be available on the Live Chat app, but honestly I find during normal hours the chat facility is almost never available. Currently, I am trying a 1 month subscription to another VPN service to cover me while Freedome stubbornly resists installation. I'm also worried that…
  • Hi Jaims, as you say, I have 4 licenses currently used for Freedome. Currently, two of those are for the device on which they refuse to run as I eventually tried using 2 different names as an experiment in case it threw up an error which might help find the problem. Until then I had only used 1 license on that device of…
  • Hi Jaims, No - I tried that but it remains Expired. Checking in 'my F-Secure' shows it to be subscribed and active. Checking a site that reveals your ISP shows I still have no VPN protection even though when I close the Freedome window a pop up claims Freedome is still running - which makes me wonder how reliable…
  • Solution found - my Fault! Being suspisious of using Google apps I had disabled most Google apps on my phone. Once I enabled Goole Store/Play (whatever) both SAFE and Freedome downloaded and installed OK. Still, it seems strange no error message pointed this out, but that's an Android issue rather than F-Secures fault.
  • Actually, I try to avoid installing anything from Google if I can help it but thanks for the suggestion. Certainly, there was no error message showing when it claimed to be installed and my internet link hadn't dropped out. Have a good Christmas too.
  • Thanks for that detailed held advice. First, I tried emailing my self a link from my 'MyF-Secure' portal, but when opening that link from my phone it still gave an error message that the link was unavailable. Then I tried using the Google Store link you provided. That seemed to work as far as claiming it had been…