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  • Rusli, I would like to invite you to read this whitepaper in regards to Deepguard and why it work well with WinFirewall... (In fact, I wish many would read this actually...) ~DJ
  • bobbys, I came to the same conclusions and went in for a 2 year license... I am very pleased with the PC and Android performance. I am a former Agnitum / Outpost user who has a also tried Comodo, Privatewall w/ Microsoft Essentials, Avast, and Panda. I also like the soul commitment of the company and direction. 25 year in…
  • Have you tried the "chat" I have been able to reach them every time in the AM... ~Dave
  • (If you are a home user…) New real-time paradigms must materialize to keep up with the new and forever developing threats. One area in particular is vulnerability exploits. NO firewall (such as manual HIPS) is going to plug this whole until it is to late…. I encourage you to read about Deepguard in relation to how it…
  • Although I am currently evaluating IS 2013, I like this new FW augmentation concept. Personally, I am tired of the HIPS configs (Comodo, Outpost, Privatewall and others). Likewise, HIPS is not perfect either and in particular, when it comes to vulnerabilities. If, FS can do it for me and my family, all the better… Just one…
  • For those who have been with F-Secure for some time, has the program updates been free of system problems. In my past experance with Outpost (Agnitum), almost every update has lead to system problems of some kind only to be (maybe) resolved by a .2,.5 or .8 verson release...
  • Just found my answer: "When a new potential threat appears, the first computers that encounter it anywhere in the world, will instantly inform the highly automated F-Secure security labs. For confirmed threats we are able to add complete protection in 60 seconds. After this, all computers with this technology query the…
  • "Updates are batched several times per day(at least they seem to be batched, but sometimes they seem to be downloaded really spontaneously)." So in sum, there is the "regular" daily updates and then there is the ability to "push-out" updates as well if there is a sudden, wide virus breakout? I think Avast also has this…
  • Siramic - Thanks for the beta pics (I also like what I have seen!) and feedback.... In doing a little research, I am struck by how transparent F-Secure is about the updates and the current Bata program. It appears the future looks very promising as I gain more confidence in the software and the company. I am seeking a…
  • Beta look very good!
  • How do you like the new UI? Do you think this is something for me to see before committing to F-Secure?
  • Thank you everyone who has replied so far. I am now in day five in using IS and I am finding the following... 1) Little to none for system performance impact (idle or scanning) 2) After reading the 48 page manual, there is a lot more "under the hood" then what the UI provides. This is both a good thing for the common user…