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  • Update on this issue: From what I have been able to gather, after talking to the Michigan State Police and the folks at the F-Secure labs, this was a zero-day, drive-by attack. The MSP have been seeing this get in from malicious scripts in pop-up ads on the web pages of reputable sites. (Failure to properly vet the ads by…
  • I asked the same thing when I was dealing with this a while back. Unfortunately a CryptoWall infection typically uses 2048-bit encryption, which is virtually uncrackable. Maybe the NSA has the horsepower in a cave somewhere, but probably not. The only recommendation I can make to you is to verify the files are actually…
  • They claim to be using RSA 2048-bit encryption, so brute force is out. I'm looking to see if anyone else ever had to pay, and if so, if they ever got the private key as promised (by criminals). I would also like to know how this happened with F-Secure Workstation PSB on the system, though that is for future decision making.
    in Cryptowall Comment by CyberNOS June 2014
  • Yes, latest version. Last automatic update was yesterday, 6/3/14.
    in Cryptowall Comment by CyberNOS June 2014
  • FWIW, the person who got hit says he did NOT click on the attachment.
    in Cryptowall Comment by CyberNOS June 2014
  • I tend to agree with the claim that the website is hard to navigate, both the PSB portal and the main site. I've worked with it enough now that I can mostly find my way around, but it is not easy. I don't have any specific recommendations though. If you do ever decide on a major re-vamping, please have as a major goal…