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  • This would look like we need to investigate further. Without knowing your IP address and the IP address space of your internet provider, we can't be sure whether this is a normal behavior when you are using ComHem routers, or if there is something suspicious going on. Since we don't want you to input information that could…
  • @Tahvo: If you have already submitted the offending URL/s, would you post the ticket number here? It would be good if we can get it before the weekend, as during the weekend the cases would go to our 24/7 support who would have more than enough to chew and the processing could be delayed.
  • Unfortunately, the fix is still in the pipeline. As such, this bug will be an inconvenience for a while longer. Our apologies for this inconvenience. In order to lessen the inconvenience though, let's provide a quicker solution to your issue. Please submit the offending URL in…
  • @Parham: Even with zero days the files won't just automatically emerge in the system, there is still an infection vector. Whether it's browser and browser plugins exploitation, network shares, and the like. Every method of delivery of the malware into the system is still additional information that Deepguard can use. And…
  • Thank for for informing us of this. After seeing the video, it looks like the method of the testing is not reflective of how ransomware enters the users' computer in the real world. And I'm emphasizing this because the malware's method of entry into the user's system is also part of how our detections work. Typical…