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  • I have the same problem with Mac OS. Tracker mapper doesnt work. When clicking "start a new..." nothing happens. 
  • Yes, i can connect to the NAS (locally, in the same network) fine without Freedome.    When Freedome is ON, the connection is slow though. Thus i was thinking if the vpn is affecting or even tunneling the trafic?? It happens on all my devices: Mac…
  • i found the issue... apple has changed something in ios and Freedome works with ios devices using ipsec protocol. i had to enable ipsec passthrough from my router to get Freedome to work with my ipad.   that worked here. but might be a problem wit…
  • Maybe you need to read the term of usage?    While Freedome is protecting your anonymity, it is not built to use for illegal stuff. And while Freedome is protecting your anonymity, there might be other services running on background that actually …
  • >the VPN connection may be formed over WiFi even when the 4G is shown there.   No, there is no connection at all.    And it is working on my Macbook, but not on ipad. Both are connected to the same Wifi network. 
  • I just bought Freedome and activated it. It doesnt work at all with my ipad. Wifi is dropping off (althought it shows on wifi settings that it is connected but not on the top notification bar - it shows 4G), and  no connection at all: cant connect a…