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  • Great!!! Thank you very much, Ville!!! 😉
  • Thank you Juha. I will watch to make sure it renews before it expires. If it doesn't renew & expires, I will fill out a bug report. I really hope it renews before it expires though. I really don't like using the internet without security. But I realize this is part of beta testing too though. Thank you!
  • I believe I still have a couple days left for mine(thankfully). I hope they subs will be updated/renewed before mine expires. I'll probably do the same & use Windows Security, if I need to wait. But fingers crossed it gets sorted out/renewed before that. Yes, makes me really nervous to use the internet without any…
  • Ok. Thank you very much Simon!!! :) I guess I'll just have to wait & see. Thanks again!!!
  • Thank you Simon. But does that mean yours will be renewed? Or everyone's will be renewed. Thanks!
  • I just received a notification that my FS beta protection will be expiring in about a week. I would really like to continue with the beta program, please. Thank you!
  • Great news! Thank you!!! Thank you, Ville, Fs-seppo & Cale !!! Its awesome to be a part of something(especially F-secure). Thank you to the whole F-secure family!
  • I've been getting notifications that my license is expiring real soon, to please renew it. I've been with the Beta program for a little while now & I really like being a part of the Beta community. & I would really like to continue with it. I believe I only have a few days left. Does anyone know if/when the license might…
  • Thank you Ukko! I don't believe I "pinned" it. But I do have the site bookmarked. So I'm not sure if that's considered the same thing or not. I thought when you "pinned" a site, it added it to your taskbar or desktop(although I'm not positive on that). I don't have it on my desktop or task bar. But its listed under "Apps".…
  • Thank you Romain & Urmas! Thank you for the explanation Urmas. Ya, that is confusing to call shortcuts an app. But I do appreciate you explaining that to me. It makes a little more sense now. But again, a little confusing calling a shortcut an app. uuugh! Thanks again!
  • I tried to take a screen shot but when I would do that, since I click on the 3 dots in the upper right hand corner of the window, the drop down menu would disappear when I'd try to click for the screen shot. So I used my phone to take a picture of my computer screen. And then sent it to my computer. It isn't to great of a…
  • Thank you Urmas. I do have FS Protection as an Extension(I've had it for a while now). I just noticed that its(FS Protection) is now listed as an App. So should I just keep using it as an "Extension"? Everything seemed to be working fine using it that way. But since I noticed it as an "App", I wasn't sure if I was supposed…
  • Thank you Fenping. I use Edge at times. I am using it now. I believe Edge "Add-on's" is actually "Apps". I don't see any "Add-on's" on my Edge . When you click on the 3 dots at the top right on the window, under "Apps", it asks if you would like to install FS Protection as an app. Otherwise, I believe FS Protection is…
  • @Simon ... Lol! Ya, really!!! That would be awesome! 😉
  • This is an update to a recent comment I made on Dec 22. I meant I like how the green goes around the box for the "Banking Protection" when that's activated. & then it goes away when you end it. I think that's pretty cool. I have used other anti-virus programs through the years. They never really seemed to protect my…
  • I'm liking the new interface so far. Its easy to use. I also like the new green around the box for the browsing protection when its active. Then disappears when its exited out of or stopped. I think that's pretty cool.
  • Thank you Urmas! I just tested it too(& I just got the beta 8 update too) & it wasn't expanded. Either way I guess it doesn't really matter. But I do like the smaller box since it doesn't block the top part of the page. Thanks again!!!
  • RE: Release 17.9 beta 7 (4.40.3010): Does this mean that "every" time there's an update, the Banking Protection will open as expanded for 3 times after the update/install, every time? Thanks!
  • Ok, thank you very much Urmas. I will try it a few more times & take note of what I'm using & how it reacts. & if it continues, I will make a bug report. Thank you very much again!
  • Thank you Urmas! Did this change when they changed the "flyer" box at the top of the screen? The Banking Protection used to "end" on its own before(when the bigger box activated at the top of the screen), once I closed out of the banking tab. But now with the smaller "flyer" box, it doesn't "end" when closing out of the…
  • When going into a banking site the banking protection activates & I like that it shrinks down to a little box, so its not in the way. But when you leave the banking site(signing out & closing out the tab), the banking protection doesn't stop or "end" any more. I have to manually go to the little box & it enlarges some,…
  • Lol!!! 🤣 Yep, I'm awake!!! Thank you very much Cale!!! I hope you have a nice weekend!!! 😉
  • Oh ok. Thank you Ville! I had a feeling something like that was happening, so I wasn't to worried. But I thought I'd mention it. Thank you very much!!! 😀
  • I'm not sure why I get a notification(windows) when there's been a security update that says my security isn't turned on. It says to go in & turn security on. So I go into my security but then it says everything is working fine. I'm not sure if its a little glitch since "window's security" isn't on, because I have F-Secure…
  • I like the new Banking Protection activation box at the top of the screen, that its smaller & doesn't cover much, unlike the old one that would cover things at the top of the screen.
  • Whenever there is an update(Windows), I keep getting a notification that my security protection isn't active, to activate it. But when I go into my security, it says everything is working correctly. I'm not sure if there's a glitch since windows security is turned off, because I have the F-Secure. But every time I get the…
  • I'm getting messages again that F-Secure is expiring soon(I think within a week), to please renew subscription. Do you know if my subscription will be renewed? It makes me a little nervous that I keep getting these notifications about renewing. Wow! That time went really fast! Seems like just a month or 2 ago I was getting…
  • Thank you very much Cale! I really appreciate it. I had seen something the other day(I think it might have been with AOL but not positive). & I had seen a couple others lately too saying their app or program protects online purchases(all online purchases, not just through your bank or banking site). & that got me thinking,…
  • @Dawid, Thank you very much!!!
  • Any bank or some bill payment sites too. It isn't activating(or showing the bar at the top of the screen) for any of the banks or bill payment sites. Then when I close the banking or bill payment site out & try to go into another tab/site, I get the error page that says the Banking Protection is active & won't allow other…