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  • This has been a longer than usual beta run. Beta 16 is now our release candidate and if all goes well, this will be available for first time installs before mid June. The channel upgrades to existing users will go into big gear during July-August. S…
  • Instead of those options, please contact support or submit the problematic file/url: https://www.f-secure.com/en/home/support https://www.f-secure.com/en/business/support-and-downloads/submit-a-sample Support will help you to figure out what is the …
  • Hi, We release an update to the product 10-20 times per day. You would really fast get annoyed by the constant popups. You can see the update history from Settings - Updates (you can access it quickest by right-clicking the System tray icon and choo…
    in update notice Comment by Cale April 24
  • Applicants are approved every Friday, so could be that you just missed last weeks window. -Cale
  • Notre produit ne doit pas afficher de codes d'erreur. Pouvez-vous prendre une capture d'écran? De quel système d'exploitation s'agit-il? -Cale
    in erreur 4 Comment by Cale April 17
  • Hi, We are aiming to release 17.8 (world wide) during summer (2020). -Cale
  • Hi, Maintenance release for released in mid March. You can see the latest version number in the About. You should be running 17.7, build 31693. -Cale
  • Hi, You can sign up at beta.f-secure.com. Any feedback is welcome. -Cale
  • Hey, Just tried the bank site and it seems to work fine (now). If you experience issues with banking, you can report the URL to our labs: https://www.f-secure.com/en/business/support-and-downloads/submit-a-sample and they'll take a look. -Cale
  • Hi, While we are fixing this issue, you can install the extension from here: https://download.sp.f-secure.com/online-safety/fs_firefox_https.xpi -Cale
  • Hi, all licenses should now have been renewed. -Cale
  • Le' me check... we wanted to include few more fixes, so the update was postponed to week 15. Sorry about the delay. -Cale
  • That error message is shown by your browser, not the SAFE product. Is your URL correct? It's "hhtp.home..." The homeztale.com can be accessed just fine. -Cale
  • No worries, I forwarded your message and the licenses will most likely be renewed on Monday. -Cale
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  • Hi, We are in the midst of fixing this, but it will take some time to make a new product release. In the mean time, you can install the Firefox extension manually from here: https://download.sp.f-secure.com/online-safety/fs_firefox_https.xpi What ha…
  • You can install the Chrome extension on Edge (prefs, < browsing protection < install extension < chrome < copy the URL to Edge. It should work - report if you experience any issues. Official support comes later this year. -Cale
  • Hi, How is the Roblox player acting at the moment? Do you still have an issue with it? -Cale
  • Hi, We have found an issue in the product where it falsely notifies about missing Safari extension in certain scenario. We are releasing an update in a week or so that should fix this issue. We apologize for the inconvenience. -Cale
  • Hi, No plans for the near future, but we'll take a look at this in the Autumn. -Cale
  • If you are running PC with F-Secure SAFE, you need to:   1. Open the main user interface and go to Family Rules 3. Click My F-Secure and login 4. Select your child and click the round button to open the settings 5. Select 'Daily time limits' an…
  • Hi,   Your ISP upgrade has been scheduled to the beginning of March. This upgrade requires you to manually run the installer (you will get a notification of it on your device).   This upgrade enables silent upgrades, which means that future prod…
  • Hi,   When you have the New Edge browser installed and you install F-Secure Internet Security or SAFE, it takes a few moments for the product to download the extension and set it up. We are talking about 10 to 30 seconds after completing the insta…
  • Hi,   We are going to roll out a maintenance release for the SAFE MAC 17.7 where this crash has been fixed. So if you still have a bit of patience, the crash will go away in a month or so. We are sorry for the inconvenience this is causing.   -C…
  • You need to stay logged in to the security client. If you log out, the product looses it's license and expires. This turns off all security features.   There are some differences between operating systems, but for example the Windows version will …
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  • Hi,   When you have (created) beta.f-secure.com account, you see project 'opportunities' in your home page. Join the 'fs protection' project, which is our SAFE beta program.   SAFE is a multiplatform internet security product against harmful fil…
  • Hello,   As some of you may have already noticed, we have released our first version of SAFE MAC beta product with a fully integrated XFENCE. This is the place where XFENCE will continue to grow, so if you want to be part of it's continuous develo…
  • Hi,   Please make a beta bug ticket with a list of all the games that don't work and add your support tool logs to the ticket.   -Cale
  • Hi,   Sorry for the long delay. The FSULAV beta is no longer active. There will be no more releases for it and the project will soon be closed and taken off-line.   fs protection beta uses the Ultralight core technology, so I recommend you to tr…
  • Hi,   XFENCE is not going to die. We are working on a new version which is expected to be released to beta later this year.   -Cale
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  • If you click the ? button at the corner, the help tells you more about the statistics. E.g. for downloads: "The number of files that the product has scanned in incoming internet traffic, before they are stored on your computer. In addition to …