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  • Hi Nearly a year on and the issue of blocking is still present & growing Newer Windows 10 devices are affected more as software & data is moving to the cloud .... more issues with blocking. Since there is no ability to Bypass Freedome - the only solution is turning it off & that defeats the whole purpose of the VPN
  • Thanks - that is all I can hope for because i know that it is quite a difficult area & it won't happen overnight. rergards, Chris
  • Hi Ukko, thank you for your reply, I did not realise that the "Ignore" button actually blocked the message sender - in which case that will be the solution. This is the 1st time I've had such an instance - fortunately the modorator has already taken steps to prevent further harassment. Many thanks
  • Dear Falcon/Mark, Thank you for yor suggestion and delightful response. I stand by my last post and if anything you have proven why you find it difficult to get help. A forum exists to help each other - that is merely what I tried to do.
  • Dear Falcon, Thank you for your reply, yes I did read your post, No I don't understand your issue because I'm just PC user. I understand you "contacted" F-Secure but was not happy. IF you really want to move forward with F-Secure & resolve whatever issue you have - then you must continue to have Dialogue with them. You…
  • Hey This is totally unlike F-Secure, having used them for over 10 years, I've never had a bad encounter. I can't help you with your technical query - as I'm just a user/cutomer. However, I suggest you get in contact with them via chat & request a specialist tecnician to email you or call you. Sorry I can't help further
  • I appreciate it is more difficult in Windows OS but it's already there in Android. Therefore, it must have been a requirement at sometime to get implemented in one OS. PERHAPS it needs some alternative way of achieving? EG a workaround with a user account that dosen't have Freedom switched on? My 7 licences are up for…
  • Seems like this request has been around for a while Any chance of escalating it? Thanks