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  • Hi Laksh I always use London as my location, and it can happen 2 or 3 times a day
  • Hi Laksh Yes, that was the article and I do lkow the reason for this, but hat does not really provide a solution to the poor browsing experience that this leads to. Why can you not allocate a wider range of IP values to minimise this device/IP duplication? Surely that would remove this unnecesssary frustration?
  • **** UPDATE **** Despite talktalk telling me than v1.15 was the latest firmware for my HG633 router, and that it woild not support IPsec passthrough, by shear. coincidence overnight my router upgraded itself to v1.21. this firmware now allows the IPsec passthrough and my iOS devices VPN works fine. Previous TT customers…
  • Hi Laksh Thanks for this info. It is correct that the HG633 router disc not support IPSEC VPN Passthrough. The post you included in the message was quite old, but the situation has not changed - There is still no fix. Fortunately I had an older TT router HG533, which does support this, so I have been able to configure…
  • Hi Thanks for your info, but I am not using one of those modems / routers. I am using a TalkTalk HG633 super router - The admin pages are very "basic" and have no obvious configuration for IPSEC VPN pass-through. I also have an old HG533 router which I could use which has a much more complex admin interface but I still…