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  • Hey @Jaims We are now back to the same problem where we just get a message to turn of our VPN and try again. Can you pls fix this, an hopefully faster than the last time. Regards Bjarnek
  • It's working...........thx.......... ;-)
  • Hey! Could we please get some update on the progress of thee fix? It's pretty annoying as long as it's not working when this is the only thing that I'm using and paying for F-Secure Freedome. Regards Bjarne
  • Hey! Are there any ETA for the fix? Regards Bjarne
  • The only reason that I pay for F-Secure Freedome is so that I can see NRK, and as thommyb says is it not working. We just get a message to turn of our VPN.
  • Hello @DawidFS, time to start working....... 😡 Seems like the so called techteam is useless for us that is paying for this service and that they are totally incompetent. When a free VPN works and have no downtime (so far for me these weeks) can make it work does it just shows the lack of will or/and skills in there work.…
  • Hey! Well @Jaims the error is back. Worked unthil wedensday and then like i JoJo and now it's not working at all. And to be sure that the problem is with FREEDOM have I tested this as you have recomended before. Tested on 2 different PC with Windows 7 64bit: 1. Set to Norge,Oslo 2. Delete all cache and cookies 3. ipconfig…
  • HI @Jaims Due to that NRK is registering that I'm not in Norway is it obvious that the service that I'm paying for with FREEDOM is not working as promised. So I do hope that it will be fixed as soon as possible. Any blocks should not be affected if FREEDOM that I'm paying for deliver what it should, and that is that when I…
  • Hello @Jaims How is the progress on finding a solution for this problem? Or do you need more info from me for det different devices that I'm using FREEDOME on and have tested it on and where it's not working for NRK? Regards Bjarnek
  • It's not fixed to 100% due to that it still not working here. I'm using fiber 1000/1000 Mbit/s with Bredband2 as ISP. I have now tested your fix on 2 different PC's here in my network with the same result. NRK are still not working and are asking for my BankID due to that I'm not located in Norway. Tested on 2 different PC…
  • Would be nice to get a solution on this one pretty fast due to that we have F-Secure FREEDOME just to be able to watch NRK online.
  • I have for this just for watching live tv due to that I don't live in norway. It has worked perfectly until now. Before did it register as: Oslo Portlane AB Now it registers as: Stockholm GleSYS Internet Services AB Oslo capital of Norway works great, Stockholm capital of Sweden won't work as need to…