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  • Hi Pavitra, that is something I tested directly but it just removed the icon in the notification bar. It is still possible to create a guest profil in the settings so it wouldn't make too much sense. Furthermore the icon turned up after reboot anyway if I recall correctly. Thanks for taking care of this!
  • UPDATE: Garmin seem to have removed from their web portal hence everything is working fine again. And since I couldn't care less about Freedome being able to resolve at this moment I'll close this thread... Thanks everyone involved in this!
  • Dear Pavitra, were you able to reproduce this? Thanks for your assistance in advance!
  • Dear Ukko, I have already set my kids' time limit to 15 minutes because I learned that I couldn't really trust them. At the moment I hand them out their mobile phone and they ask whether they could play their daily 15 minutes and they start doing so - playing Minecraft or any other app - and the notification area pop-up…
  • Dear Pavitra, I just tried to get the activities of today's morning run from Garmin Connect using these sites for Freedome: Germany, Finnland, United Kingdom, HongKong and United States For none of the sites any activity showed up, I needed to disable Freedome to get to the activity and be able to download the TCX file…
  • Dear Laksh, yes, all three installations are "first-timers" - and I just re-checked, still the same amount of entries. Just an example : the first entry is there three times, the second one four times... Anyway - is there a chance of getting rid of all entries and start over with a clean data base to import the data using…