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  • So, after a few days, the, the problem still persists. Even with a fixed DNS I have the same problems as described in the OP. As there is no upstream router, there is nothing left in your suggestions or the FAQ which I can try. Is there a way to provide logs and stuff to F-Secure?
  • ok, just found that I have to temporally set the WAN connection to static to edit the DNS. So I have done that and set DNS to, and then back to Auto (DHCP). will see how that works out.
  • Thank you for the reply. I am already resetting the SENSE router on daily basis, and that does help. It's just a hassle to do so. The problem is not WiFi related, as all my devices (except for the mobile phones) are connected via LAN cables to SENSE. I would try to change the DNS server if I could, but I can't edit that…
  • ah thanks, completely forgot about that one. Done.
  • I would like to be able to switch off the WiFi without turning the whole router off. Preferably with pre-set times. I feel more comfortable when I can keep radiation levels down at night.
  • I don't think this is a normal function of a router, but SENSE is also more than a router, as we are told. That Microsoft article is only partially helpful, my use case is my Raspberry to which i connect via ssh from my Windows system. As long as I had HOMEGROUP, I could use commands like ping raspy, or ssh raspy. Now, I…
  • With the last Windows 10 update, Microsoft killed the HOMEGROUP feature. Since then, my hostnames on my home network are not resolved anymore. Since all my devices connect to SENSE, and it knows which device is connected on which LAN IP, perhaps it could provide a local DNS service for hostnames on the LAN?
  • Thanks. Funny thing is that from the handful of streaming services I use, this one is the only one that has problems.
  • True. But maybe I will get started with a Raspberry Pi to host my USB drive...
  •  And with all this you will of course lose your connection from sense network to the usb connected to wan router. I would suggest buying a NAS for the backups. Just had an idea... I think a LAN/USB adapter should do the trick as well. plug that into the USB device, and use patch cable to connect the adapter to sense. Would…
  • I already have all devices connected to SENSE. So why would I need two subnets? Shouldn't it be enough to just switch off DHCP on the old router? My old router (used as gateway and DNS by SENSE) would be , SENSE could be set to, devices like IP phone would be something in 192.168.1.[10-99], and DHCP…
  • Well, that may part of the solution. Just checked on my SENSE App, and DHCP seems to be enabled (and can't be switched off as far as I can sse). My old router is also still a DHCP server. So it seems I have two DHCP servers on my network, which is not a good thing to have. I'll try disabling all features like NAT and DHCP…
  • My complete network is on 192.168.1.x The WAP is a reserved IP adress in the DHCP pool (provided by the router, NOT by SENSE). DHCP is disabled on SENSE. It is a TP-Link running DD-WRT.
  • Yes, exactly this is the setup right now: ISP <-> old router (with USB as backup drive) <-> SENSE <-> cable <-> WAP I just tested, the WAP is doing it's job (providing wifi access, confimed with WiFi Analyser which shows the two access points), but it does not show up on the list of connected devices - neither its name nor…
  • Ok, I'll accept this answer. I read the linked article - I just have no idea which device will handle the PPPOE login, because my current primary router does not give me the option to enter credentials when I change to bridged mode. So I will just hook up SENSE as the only device behind the router and connect all other…
  • The App was connected, and said I was to continue AFTER the four digit code was displayed. I need the code to be able to pair the two, app and router. As I said, after I performed a reset, the router displayed a code after the pulsating four squares, ans I was able to connect.
  • Yes, I felt it. I resolved the issue by performing a reset. Switching it off and on again (the miracle solution for 98% of IT related problems) ws not enough this time.