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  • if i were you, I would assume that every account, every login, every password (including, & very importantly: your home router as well as 'possibly' any or all other routers you normally connect to...are compromised. Do you use entropic passwords? Its easy to learn And are your passwords large (at the absolute very least,…
  • I always find chat support useful, and it appears to be up & running (USA) hopefully you can settle your issue here:
    in Advice pleae Comment by Avunit July 2017
  • For all the times I've heard Mikko use the term "attack surface"... I should think it would behoove the company he works for & so proudly represents to keep their clients 'attack surface' as small (or in this case: stealthed & hidden as much as possible... but, of course, this is just my opinion.....It seems to me if…
    in kill switch Comment by Avunit July 2017
  • it was rude of me to drop into this forum and spew my attitude this morning, & for this, I am truly sorry, & offer my genuine apology. It's just that my connection with Freedome kept dropping this morning & i heard the alerts & became curious as to what was going on. Fortunately for me, I don't hack (because it is…
    in kill switch Comment by Avunit July 2017
  • Yep, as much as i love Mikko, & want to supprt F-Secure, I'll be replacing Freedome directly after posting this reply, simply because according to "Ben" F-secure has no intention of implementing the kill switch feature. Frankly, i am very dissapointed. This seems to me to be lazy, uninspired, and quite unsafe. Do what you…
    in kill switch Comment by Avunit July 2017