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  • @NikK...Blimus! What can I say...Email attachments found using your extractor Macro have been removed and all PST files now compacted. 2 Full FS scans now show no malware present!!!! This has been a stress for over a year now with little or no support from F-Secure other than advise to open every email to locate the…
  • runing macro on suspect PST file brought up this Pressing debug brought up this line Duh! ????
  • @NikK Success! 4 viruses found in one PST folder using your attachment extractor! They all were emails I sent to spoof Amazon advising suspicious emails that I attached to the message (never dreamt they could be inside messages I had sent) I will not jump for joy just yet, these were recent messages 2/12/2013. Once I have…
  • Just tried to run the Attachment Macro-its run ok before but now I get tried trawling the help menues but cannot find how to enable macros again....wondering if doing control f11 instead of Alt F11 might have triggered it? any ideas (probably staring me in front of nose) UPDATE! Just after posting this I found the answer
  • Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! NikK. I have compacted one while out working...took 10 hours. Closed the window and now forgotten which one it was!!! :) I shall compact all PST and come back in a few days after FS full computer aggresive scan. Your comment about priviously deleted files still present in absence of…
  • Well, I finally got the beast running, and have been several hours extracting from the suspect PST folders and all the others and running an f-secure scan at most aggressive level on all. Nothing was found? Grrrrrrrr! Wondering where to go from here? Could this code be changed to extract all emails complete to the…
  • Wow! Cool is not the word...its Flipsin inspirational! I did try your other suggested routing of copying multiple emails to another folder and running an aggressive scan. Could only do 250 at a time, any more and it only copied 300 odd of them, and slowed down to less each time. Because my PST files were over the 2G…
  • Thanks Nikki and everyone else for advices. I have indeed emptied all deleted, spam and junk folders. Virus scans are set to most aggressive. I have removed outlook the preview pane. (curious why this needs to be done??) I attempted to compact the PST file, but it was still running today from when I started it yesterday-so…
  • Running Windows 7. I have had a reply from answers, after a lenghy description of the problem seems all this is brushed aside and they are just asking me to open another ticket-back to square one-I do not think I could take explaining it all again...perhaps like all large companies they deflect the akward…
  • Many thanks for your thoughtful response NikK Machine is now only running F-Secure....I uninstalled the MSE and Malwarebytes last week. Running a scheduled scan it has returned as follows; (The Quarantine folder remains empty) All viruses are contained in the fsecure aquarious folder.
  • Thanks Crissy. Last few days of scans by Fsecure, Microsoft Security essentials and malware bytes have come out clean. I am worried at this since no action has been taken to remove anything? That previously the only time this multitude of viruses appeared was at the end of an fsecure scan...They were declared "quarantined"…
  • Also sorry if I have used the wrong board...where should it be posted please?
  • fsdiag and screenshots sent to FS support 24 November 2013 and again on 29 Nov 2013. Other than auto reply giving ref SR ID:1-674799828 there has been no word since?
  • There is never anything in the quarantine folder....that I found strange since many of the reports said "Quarantined"?
  • Most are blocked, some removed...others none? I feel really concerned here! Why are all of these generated within the F-Secure folder suite? What exactly is this "Aquarius"? and could I delete the you may gather I am not particularly knowlagable in these matters...should I begin to consider wiping my PC? All…
  • Before fsecure it was 11.4MB. Mine has used 54M in that same period. Given Fsecurs web claim of around 800KB I have to wonder where its all going?