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  • I am not using IE mainly Chrome. Naturally I have Firefox or IE as backup browser since not all is working with all browsers that is sometimes so irritating.
  • Using my self an AdBlock in Chrome and it does a good Job. Just use a resent browser like Chrome or Firefox and AdBlock and your issue should be solved. Latest IE is not bad either just not sure about the AdBlock availability.
  • Hi, depends were you are from. As not all countries will have the product in a shop, I would recoment you buy online. Her is the link to global Webshop page
    in renewal Comment by 2eemeli May 2012
  • Hi, in general having two anti virus on a system is not a good idead. It creats a race condition and malware migth not be detected. Did look at the Malwarebytes site and as it seems the free version has no realtime protection only ondemand. You might not get any conflict from this combination.
    in Doubt Comment by 2eemeli May 2012
  • Hi, you can submit the file and get the false positive removed. Go here
  • Hi, that we could actually help you with your ongoing challenge please mention the version you are using and the OS you are running. What does the eventlog tell about the issue?
  • Hi, one question, can you open the User interphase from the launch pad? If no uninstall reboot and make a new installation. One note the Anti Virus is working just UI is broken when you have this state.
  • Does the PM download the updates? Have a look at the admin guide at page 54 there you can find more about AV DB download messages. You can as well look at the client fsaua.log to see if PM is reachable. Post fsaua log out put here just make sure to remove private data.
  • Yes this might be possible. Depending how the software is working an AV might slow down quite a bit. But the software would need to have some design issues e.g. opening and closing logfiles constantly instead of opening and closing once all writing is done. Does it is a DB? I assume you tested to excluded some parts from…
  • To help you with your error it would be good to know: * what F-Secure product you are using * what is your operating system * what are you doing when the error occurs
  • Hi, yes that issue with having 230V and 5V in one is a very valid point. EU saving energy I don't mind so much I think it would be nice to get those plugs. It would make things just easier. There are charging pads like or but the device must support it. They are as…
  • Ah the Chip promo, that means you will not be able to install IS 2012 From the build number it looks you have the latest IS 2011 build which should be absolute stable. What AV was before F-Secure installed? Before trying to look into the system event and fsecure logs I would recommend you run unistallation tool from here…
  • What was the source of the IS11 installer? The new version is out and if you have a F-Secure license you can upgrade to latest IS12. If you got it from your operator please post the exact version here from the about. F-Secure tray icon right mouse click. One other thing to check is if Windows firewall is turned off.
  • You can get the latest installer for Internet Security from: