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  • I got my new Sense and tested this out.

    Speedtest gives basically the same results as it would normally.

    Steam downloads at 240-260 (24-26 MB/s) as in at maximum.

    Also in my country they do not promise the max speed 24/7 for hom…

  • Tested pluggin the power off from the new one after setting it up with my phone.

    No bootloop issue.

    Tested again after pluggin other devices to it, no issues.


    So the new one is working properly and the old one clearly ha…

  • Okay so that was fast and easy replacement.

    Got the new Sense device just now and got it before I have even returned the old one.

    Kudos to all F-Secure personel who worked on the case!


    Now I'll test this new one out.

  • Sitten ei auta kuin kokeilla tai resetoida laite.

    Jos annat resetoinnin jälkeen wlanille saman nimen ja salasanan kuin nytkin, niin kaikki laitteet yhdistävät siihen takaisin. Kuitenkin kaikki asetukset menevät uusiksi, jos et niitä ole tal…

  • So still have not got any email about my Sense replacement which has been in the works since Monday 9.7.2017, 9am gmt+3.

    Asked about the case on Monday 17:30pm, and the support person said that those personel who work on Sense replacement s…

  • I agree totally that this device was really launched way too early.

    I think we would like to know what was the reason for the long 15months or so delay on the launch?

    If it was android app, I cannot really express myself about it.

  • Option to change wifi channels manually.

    Option to have totally different wlan names for 2.4GHz and 5GHz.


    (as requested on the finnish forum side:  in SENSE Feature Requests Comment by 1sknew July 2017

  • Kai myös tiesit, että ssid:n piilotus ei tuo mitään lisäturvaa ja oikeastaan vain heikentää sitä, koska laitteet hamuilevat verkon perään vaikka se ei olisi saatavilla. Myöskin vain hankaloittaa eri laitteiden verkkoon yhdistämistä.


  • Because if your device can see both 2.4 and 5, then it is easier to connect to the right one.

  • Ok, I did not notice any difference really with my cable fritzbox and 250/20 connection, but my Sense had other issues so I'll do more testing when I get the new device.


    Do you have the Sense's LAN port on your fritzbox in bridge mo…

  • So tested the reseting all that few times still.

    But in the end contacted support via chat on monday morning and they will send me a replacement.




    And cannot mark this as solution since I had to ask support …

  • Well speedtests are not the most reliable and you should do like 10+ and get an average of the results.

    Also use the html5/beta version http://beta.speedtest.net/