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I just installed SENSE on my MacBook, and I noticed that there is no browsing protection functionality (e.g. no extension is installed in any browser, and phishing pages are displayed without warning when away from the SENSE network). Coming from SAFE, this is a significant downgrade.


Is it expected behaviour?


Thanks in advance!



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    A fixed version of the mac client has been deployed that should have the missing features available.


    In order to take advantage of the features now, unfortunately you need remove the old installation of the mac client and download / install it again. This is because the version number of the client is the same, so the customization update does not automatically apply.


    Alternatively, there should be a new version of the mac security client coming "soon" (in some weeks) as an upgrade. The upgrade should apply the new customizations automatically (because the version number is newer) and reveal the missing features.


    We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and the time it took to rectify this.


    Best Regards:

    Simo / SENSE QA Lead



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    Thanks for the report. There appears to be a configuration issue in the feature set customization of the Mac client, so it is not intentional. There is work ongoing to remedy the situation.


    If you have a valid SAFE license, you can continue using the SAFE Mac client in the mean time.


    Best Regards:

    Simo / SENSE QA Lead

  • Hi,


    Thanks for clarifying!


    If I keep the SENSE client installed, will it automatically update to the correct feature set once the issue is resolved?



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