any plan to offer UTM in Business protection services?

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Hi F-Secure.

question in the subject is clear, something like SOPHOS UTM we're thinking about.



  • Laksh
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    Hi Parham,


    Sorry for the late response. I'm checking on your query for getting more information. I will keep you posted once I have any update.

  • Parham
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    Hi again.


    dear @Laksh  any update ?


    and don't worry about dly i know how these things works Smiley Very Happy

  • MJ-perComp
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    Could you elaborate what you understand an UTM should do?

  • Parham
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    dear MJ-perComp  with fully respect, i'm not here to challenge my knowledge.

    our company is going to buy Sophos UTM, and i am insisting against it. i wish we could have F-Secure UTM or at least something that do the same. that's all i can answer.


    and still want to know what's F-Secure's plan on it.

  • MJ-perComp
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    Oh, I didn't want to challenge your knowledge, but to know what features of a UTM like Sophos' you would like to be covered by F-Secure. Basically F-Secure has NO firewall technology, and sold its VPN-solution years ago.


    While some Features of a UTM can very well be coverd by F-Secure's technologies like Internetgatekeeper, Messaging Security Gateway, Browsing Protection or Webtraffic Scanning these do not reside on a single system but are distributed and will be installed where the threat has to be countered.


    As an example: https-scanning at gateway level is not possible unless you do a MITM-Attack. But that breaks privacy and security and some applications might even refuse to work. Addressing these threats at the endpoint is F-Secure's current way to do it.


    As the Internet Gatekeeper is undergoing an architectural review, your input on what you expect is highly appreceated.

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    > our company is going to buy Sophos UTM, and i am insisting against it


    Why oppose it? Sophos UTM (ex- Astaro) is both very good and affordable. For this reason it's extremely popular in Central Europe for example and they sell loads of it. Generally speaking, better buy the appliance version of UTM, as they have big discounts on the hardware and somehow they are more stable than "beige box PC" or even brand name "black server" chassis based realizations.


    Yours Sincerely: Feher Tamas, Hungary.

  • Hi,


    I have to agree - the Sophos UTM is a good solution. As a firewall and a mail proxy with AntiVirus and spam filtering before the mailserver with F-Secure is a really good solution. It is always a good idea to use different scan engines.


    I would also recommend the appliances but it is also possible to run a Sophos UTM as a virtual appliance on a hypervisior like VMware ESXi

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