There is now update for this tools?

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    What do you expect from that tool?

    Downadup is nasty, as neither of the systems with F-Secure Client Security that report Downadup can get infected. So you need to identify the one system that is not protected.

    Make sure you have really turned off all old systems (e.g.W2K, W2K3-Servers, XP).

    Activate the local firewall on all systems (office profile) and check from which system the attack is comming.


  • I expect only if there is update on that tools?


    Nasty..do you mean - that there is no solutions if it's get badly infected?


    Where not using firewall because we are connected in our network.



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    F-Secure protects, detects and removes Downadupe. What else do you look for? why do you insist on that tool?


    "Nasty" - becuase the machine that reports a "Downadupe attack" is not the one causing the problem. you have to look for a machine that you do not know or that is not protected by F-Secure (or other AV).


    Those customers using the local firewal from F-Secure (with active Office ruleset) are protected against a spreading Malware like Downadupe. If you do not use it, it is "not state of the art".



  • What I'm saying is if there is update on that tools? Meaning if you have new application or folder to have it. 

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