Port-Forwarding into SENSE subnet

I have trouble in port-forwarding into the SENSE subnet, cause my router (FritzBox 7390) isn't able to forward ports into a subnet and SENSE is not able to implement port forwardings. So is there currently a solution for that?

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    Port forwarding is supported and currently available through the iOS application. The Android application feature for configuring port forwarding is will be available in a future application update as soon as possible.


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    Simo Punnonen / SENSE QA Lead

  • leppenraubleppenraub Posts: 14

    Hello Simo,


    thanks for the information, but unfortunately I have no iOS in my smarthome.


    Best regards...

  • leppenraubleppenraub Posts: 14

    Hmn, so how long we have to wait for the port-forwarding? It is very annoying, cause a lot of services don't work anymore...

  • Any ETA on the Android port fowarding feature?

    It has now been almost 2 months since Sense's release.

    Also will the Android app be out of beta status when it has port fowarding?

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    Hi 1sk,


    I am following up with the SENSE team on this request. I will keep you posted once I receive any update.

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    Apologies for the delay and we are grateful for your patience.


    An app version with the port forwarding feature + a bunch of other fixes is now available for open beta testing in google play. The build version is 1.0.681.  There's still some minor tweaks coming (== this is not the 'final' build) and further testing before this is released to production, but for those of you that want early access to it should be able to download it as soon as the google publishing process finishes chewing it.


    Google has instructions on how to access beta applications:



    Please give it a go and as always, send us feedback!

  • Thanks for this!

    Seems to work nicely.

    Noticed an empty clickable place/space in the app menu. Screenshot_20170807-202418.png



  • JOnesJOnes Posts: 277 Influencer

    OK,static(infinite) dhcp lease option with this port forwarding even better

  • FS_SimoFS_Simo Posts: 256 Former F-Secure Employee

    @FormerMemberthanks for reporting that, i'll make a bug ticket about it Smiley Happy

    @JOnesConfiguring static IP's is on our list of things to implement. We know this isn't ideal, but as a workaround you can manually configure those individual devices that require forwarded ports to some IP address instead of obtaining it from DHCP, if such configuration is available.

  • JOnesJOnes Posts: 277 Influencer

    Ok.(Static-Dhcp).For the time being no problem.Take all the time needed for implementation.Some IoT-devices may lack of static configuration for ip4 addresses though..

  • FS_SimoFS_Simo Posts: 256 Former F-Secure Employee

    Updated the beta build to 1.0.683 in google play,  contains some UI fixes for the port forwarding (improves the layout) and also the empty clickable space bug 1sk reported should be fixed. Again, it takes a while for google to chew it but it should be available as an update soon.

  • Confirming that empty space was fixed.

    Didnt notice any difference in port fowarding, but i have only one setting so might not just remember how it was before.


  • FS_SimoFS_Simo Posts: 256 Former F-Secure Employee

    Thanks for giving it a try. The change is mostly cosmetic, the port forwarding UI was aligned to a grid and the error messages were clarified.

  • JOnesJOnes Posts: 277 Influencer

    Have you thought about any alternate method to update Sense router features without any "chewingdelay" from Google/Apple store?

  • FS_SimoFS_Simo Posts: 256 Former F-Secure Employee

    I generally announce updates only when they are already published.


    The app publishing process in case of google play is usually some minutes (assuming there are no new issues discovered in the process), in this case what I meant by chewing was: the app was published to google play and it may take some time until your phones can see that it is available.


    I'll try to be a bit more clear in the future with my language.

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