Where are my passwords stored

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I couldn't find the answer after quickly perusing the site so I'm asking: When using the free version of Key, are passwords saved only on my computer or are they sent somewhere else? And if they are sent somewhere can this setting be changed.


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    I'm also only user of F-Secure solutions. So it will be only my suggestion.

    Maybe there will be official response from F-Secure staff with proper explanation;


    You able to re-check some articles under Knowledgebase ;


    With this article -> https://community.f-secure.com/t5/F-Secure-KEY/If-someone-finds-out-my-F-Secure/ta-p/80974 there meanings that it stored locally;


    My own understanding -> if you did not use Premium Key (where can be sync-between devices) - it stored under your device with encrypted localstorage;

    I do not able to think about another design - since - I not sure about potential reasons for "sent it somewhere else"; Do you think about some certain another meanings?


    While there Premium Key (and sync-actions) - anyway - I able to think that your data/passwords anyway stored locally; Since - sync-action work for encrypted-date/hash or so (not really your passwords); And probably "temporary" for certain 'transfer';

    For decrypt data/passwords - there required masterphrase and access to certain device (this is with limitations); So - there anyway can be meanings that passwords are saved only locally;


    You able to re-check some other Knowledgebase articles (where can be some explanation for design);

    Also - good if there will be proper clarification from F-Secure Key Team (even - there already was such topics and probably there should be response from them with explanation);



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    Yes to clarify by "sent somewhere" I do mean of course stored somewhere else (e.g. on F-secure servers) encrypted. 

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    @Timaeus wrote:

    Yes to clarify by "sent somewhere" I do mean of course stored somewhere else (e.g. on F-secure servers) encrypted. 

    You able to re-check this topics:






    Where such concern asked and where still unclear some points (as I able to understand);

    Except meanings that F-Secure Key Free should not be designed to use any 'clouds/servers' as it can be during "sync"-process; Under second topic it stated by official response;


    I compare your ask with topic about Premium (also) -> since I think that passwords anyway should not be 'stored/saved' under servers too; Or, at least, there 'wording'-meanings;

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