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How does the Sense subscription work? I talked to someone on Fsecure chat and they tell me to check my Digital River purchase email. I logged into my Digital River account and all I can see is a one off payment for £169 for Sense router? Since I paid via Paypal for Sense, I checked my Paypal account for pre-approved payments ... again nothing listed there. All I can see on  my Paypal account is just a one off payment for purchase of the router.


We need a Sense portal for Sense users where we can check router settings/subscription auto-renewal settings, devices registered and so on. Additonally, how does device activation work on Sense? If I hard reset or soft reset Sense router, does this free up all used activated devices? If not then a Sense based portal with ability to delete redundant devices would be a welcome feature.


I'm asking these questions as I'm coming from Kaspersky and I'm used to their way of doing things.

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    Currently no specific user accounts are used or generated when using SENSE.  Your subscription activates when the SENSE device setup completes for the first time and is valid for one year from that moment. Resetting the SENSE device will not affect the subscription status. Each subscription is tied to the SENSE device itself, if you have several they all have their own subscription.


    SENSE does not currently have a management portal. All device management is handled via the mobile application.  You need a separate iOS or Android device for managing each SENSE device you may own. At the moment we do not support multiple SENSE devices in the same network and you cannot control multiple SENSE devices with one app. If you have multiple SENSE devices, they can be used to handle their own networks separated from each other or you can have one in your home and another at another location.


    In the future the situation may change, obviously, but this is the current state of things.

    Hope this answers your questions and thank you for your feedback!


    Best Regards:

    Simo Punnonen / SENSE QA Lead

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