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I just decided to ask it there (because not sure - where I able to ask this; and where it will be not offtopic) and my ask based on next previous ask and response:


Just interesting -> is F-Secure SENSE 2.0 will be generally as Hardware-changes compare to F-Secure SENSE? As 'another device' or it will be just as global update/upgrade software and related meanings?


But basically with any of options: based on common sense (and recently I read press-release from F-Secure about their article/words that most attacks/troubles under systems based on outdated software/unpatched systems/hardware or misconfigurations by users; so such meanings confirmed by F-Secure)  will F-Secure provide security update/upgrades and patches for F-Secure SENSE (when there comes F-Secure SENSE 2.0)?  Or F-Secure SENSE 2.0 globally replaced F-Secure SENSE (even if it will be hardware changes)?


Or there will be design as with Android platform? Where a lot of outdated devices with unpatched vulnerabilities and which not possible to update by any of common and good steps.

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    Sorry for my ask.


    Laksh wrote:

    Your feedback has been passed to our product team. However, we don’t have plans for router version of Freedome at the moment.

    Does F-Secure SENSE will be much more powerful than potential 'router version of Freedome'?


    I mean VPN-'feature/ability', which marked as *Upcoming feature; And some words under this topic about support VPN (or directly Freedome); Or such feature postponed for unknown timeframe?


    And I not mean certain  'powerful' status of F-Secure SENSE solution compare to F-Secure Freedome VPN solution;


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    Hi Ukko,


    Regarding the comparison, I can't comment much as this feature is for future consideration and we are nearing on our Sense launch soon. There has been suggestions like this and we have been forwarding the same to the product team. The Sense team are saving the ideas for Sense 2.0.



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    Hi Ukko,


    I have merged the reply from the Freedome post as well to this post; as this was centered around Sense. Regarding your questions, I will forward them to the product team for updates.

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    Sorry to say, but I have no Idea what you are asking. I understand the words, but I do not get the clue what your question is. Could you rephrase your question maybe in shorter sentences?

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    MJ-perComp wrote:

    Sorry to say, but I have no Idea what you are asking. I understand the words, but I do not get the clue what your question is. Could you rephrase your question maybe in shorter sentences?



    Of course. And sorry for my worst English. Smiley Sad


    My ask about next potential meanings:


    {--> with this and this one replies - we able to read words like


    saving ideas for Sense 2.0.

    and that on current time important to 'release' F-Secure SENSE (as first version); 


    {--> just interesting for me - what "F-Secure Sense 2.0" is (will be): anorther hardware-device? OR large update for SENSE firmware? OR just software update/upgrade. Or maybe something else.


    - and  if there will be two "different" solutions as F-Secure Sense and F-Secure Sense 2.0:  does Sense (first version) will be supported and with security-updates/patches, when there will be released Sense 2.0;

    - or if it will be 'one solution' (sense 2.0 smoothly replace sense 1.0) - does there will be kind of 'workarounds' for misconfiguration device/software/firmware and something as autoupdate (at least for security/important updates)?






    Basically I pretty sure that F-Secure will do such things with best available options for certain setting.... but just words about F-Secure Sense 2.0 sounds a little be strange (and ask partly based on upcoming VPN-feature for F-Secure SENSE (Sense 2.0) with 'unknown'-realization, but maybe with different potential available designs); 


    And generally I able to answer for my own ask (with multiple answers) - so I not sure why I asked it. Smiley Sad


     Sorry... it probably anyway long (and not much more understandable). Smiley Sad



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    Got it now. ;-)

    Good questions!

    IoT and SmartHome will have a very difficult security standing. Today when I raise a house with a switch to turn on lights that will likely still work in 50 years (still got some around that need twisting the knob). Many IoT devices have been designed without ANY IT-Security or with low profile secuity. Even if the protocol between device and controller is sufficently protected by encryption, in 5 years the algorythm might/will be useless. And here I was not talking about the WLAN, which I assume to be insecure in general: a rogue attacker could easily use a jammer to make the connection unusable leading into DOS. Jamming away the wireless window open alert is already a well know attack.

    So @Ben what is the plan in the long run? Does SENSE harware have enough ressources to even handle the firmeware needs in 5 or 10 years?

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    Hi Matthias, 


    @Laksh is already working on this with the Sense team to bring you answers.  We will post them here as soon as possible but that might take some time to gather it all. 

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    @Laksh wrote:

    Hi @Ukko and @MJ-perComp,


    I did a check with the Sense product team for the future plans. We are unable to say much definitive about the future plans for Sense at this stage.

    Besides the proposed upcoming feature information in the Sense webpage (under 'A traditional security product? Not even in the same league'), we are unable to provide much information now. The last 4 items in the table, marked as “Upcoming feature” are all we can say at this stage.

    OK, thanks.

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