Android setting "Lock after" not honored

There is a setting "Lock  after" in the KEY Android app. Even if I set it to something very high, for example 10 hours, I need to re-enter my master password after a short while (maybe five minutes, at any rate much earlier than after ten hours).


Is this a bug in KEY, or do I have to change some setting in Android to treat the KEY app in some special way?


I am using version 4.5.5 on Android Nougat (had the same behaviour on Marshmallow).


Idea with no actual evidence: can this have something to do with the fix for the vulnerability where the master key was stored in a less secure way? (


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    Hi PA2,


    I noticed this KB article which explains about how F-Secure Key locks in Mobile devices.

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    Laksh, thanks for the quick reply.


    I think that article might be outdated, since it mentions "the box Remember my Master Password on this device" and I can not find such a "box", neither in  the settings, nor on the main page of the app.


    Also, what would the point of the "Lock after" setting be, if it isn't used?


    I think "Lock after" is a much better setting than never locking, so I'm fine with the current state, if only it would work :)


    Also, let me mention that I really like KEY. I tried a few other managers, the popular ones, but I went back to KEY.

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    Hi PA2,


    You should be able to find the option 'Remember my master password on this device' on your login screen for Key (right under the Master Password).


    Meanwhile, I will check on this for further clarification.

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    Actually my login screen looks differentt from that, see this screenshot:


    Login screen

    This is probably because I have a fingerprint sensor, but as I said, I think the "Lock after" option is much better. You can see it here in my settings screen:


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    Hi PA2,


    Can you send me the system information of your device as a private message? It should be under: Settings>About device.

    Our team is investigating this further.

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    Thanks will do!


    For anyone else reading this thread: for me (F-Secue Key version 4.5.5 on Android) the System Information lies under Help -> About -> System Information.

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