FSPM Upgrade failure


I'm hoping I am pointing this to the correct part of the forum,


When we upgrade our FSPM from version 12.00 to 12.20 after the upgrade and subsequent reboot the policy manager is no longer reachable, From what I can see Jetty is crashing and there are numerous errors in the upgrade logs.


I have tried this upgrade twice and both times it has left us without a functional f-secure PM, we have rolled back the machine to a recent snapshot.

Am I missing a step?





  • Thanks Vad,

    Sorry, I did upgrade to 12.21 not 12.20 as said the update still fails, I will contact f-secure support as you suggested 


    Many thanks 

  • Always feel I should comment a solution, mine was caused by a curroption of the f-secure database,

    Support helped me fix it, hope this helps someone else
  • Hello,


    which way du yo become from the Support to fix your problem zu the curroption database.

    How was the solution?


    Many thanks


  • Ben
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    Hello VPnsupport,


    You can use the recovery tool as described in this post.

  • Hello Ben,


    thanks for this Link, but i don't have al old version of F-Secure PM 12.10 oder 12.20.

    On the internetsites from fsecure ist now pm 12.31, can you give me a link from your ftp-server, how can i find the older version pm 12.10 / 12.20?


    thanks for all...



  • Ben
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    For PM 12.10 or newer , the recvovery tool is included in the installation under 

    ...\F-Secure\Management Server 5\bin\fspms-db-recover.bat

  • Hello Ben,


    the recovery did not work. Same error message.

    The clients still have the old timeline with the message no new rules available.

    Ne rules over the pm, don't distribute to clients. The PM not see the client is available.

    Also, insert the backup file h2dp from a older backupday is the same status.

    Is it a problem of the client or the PM, which does not establish a connection???


    Best Regards



  • Ben
    Ben Posts: 2,641 F-Secure Product Expert

    Could you confirm the Client version as well as the PM versions affected?

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