F-Secure SENSE is Going to be Delayed

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We are disappointed to announce that F-Secure Sense is going to be delayed until Q2 of 2017.

Product development is progressing, but has been slowed down by a few bumps in the road. The team has agreed that cutting corners is not an option and we want Sense to be released as the product we envisioned it to be – nothing less than a game-changer for consumers and the security industry, something that each of us developing it can be tremendously proud of. These few extra months are required to further fine tune and test the product in its current beta phase to make sure all of its features work flawlessly, as providing incomplete security is the same as not providing security at all.

The new official release date is 30.06.2017.
We value your input and questions, so please reach out to us through the community if there is anything you’d like to ask. 

All preorder customers also have access to an exclusive VIP community board where you can get exclusive updates and interact with the team. To access the VIP community, follow the instructions at the end of the email you have received as a pre-order customer.


We really appreciate your ongoing support and patience: we will make it worth your while!


The Sense Team






















For more information:

What is the current launch schedule for F-Secure Sense?

Why has the Sense launch been delayed again?

What makes us confident that this time we’ll meet the new shipment date?

Have customers been informed about the delay?

Can customers cancel their preorder?

Have preorder customers been charged?



  • wantageek
    wantageek Posts: 1 New Member

    Let me just start by saying I understand the need to have a solid security product and I am glad you're not rushing it.


    That said, I use way more than 3 devices that I'm covered for in the free Freedome licenses, how can I get the rest of my devices covered?


    Also, just registered one license and the subscription is only valid until 31/01/2017 which is quite a way short of the expected delivery date for Sense.

  • Avisitors
    Avisitors Posts: 54 Explorer

    Did you recieve your one year free subscriptions by email?

  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 0 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi @wantageek,


    I have sent you a PM. Please check.

  • geirpg
    geirpg Posts: 1 New Member

    Quick Question: On the Product page - VPN is still listed as a feature candidate. When will you decide?

  • [Deleted User]
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    Hi @geirpg,


    Yes, the VPN is a feature candidate. That is, it won’t make it to the launch scope but for the future.

    Currently, we are very busy building and testing the launch scope features hence we don’t have detailed schedule plans for the features coming after launch.

  • sccmexpert
    sccmexpert Posts: 2 New Member

    I have the same issue. Preordered but no access to the software and no email sent on how to get it.

  • [Deleted User]
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    Hi @sccmexpert,


    I will send you a private message to discuss on this.

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