I do not see new hosts in the polis Manager

I do not see the new hosts polis manager.
Version is 12.10, the installation of a new machine is not visible (New Host = 0)

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    If you don't open holes in the Microsoft firewall running on the Windows Server, then the endpoint computers are not able to reach the TCP ports of F-Secure Policy Manager Server. This is a common user error we see with sysadmins who are new to the F-Secure Business Suite.


    Another error is to specify the address of Policy Manager Server unprecisely, when creating the remote installation package for endpoints. It is best to use:



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    the version 12.10 you mentioned is related to PMS or to Client security. Notify you can manage FS client security 12.10 from PMS 12.10 (not from PMS 12.00)



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  • I noticed that the latest version PMC 12.21 listens on a secure port 443 unlike previous version which used port 80; hence  will not see any new hosts until the PMS/PMC server firewall is configured to allow incoming trafic on port 443, or maybe only Client Security 12.20 attempts to communicate with the server on port 443. Either way port 443 needs to be opened to support at least the latest version of the client software

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    Opening port 443 did the trick for me.
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