Looks like Netflix has blocked Freedome



  • is there anyone that can help me get netflix to work? Vancouver worked until bout a week ago


  • Lava
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    Hi all,


    I really must support F-Secures statement in this matter.

    Freedome should be primarily used to anonymize your traffic and to hide your true identity so that noone can track you and/or violate your basic right for privacy.


    That's why the app is called "Freedome", because privacy is the basis of freedome and democracy.

    If Freedome would only be used to circumvent  terms and conditions of services (which you have agreed to in the first place) than this is a quite unethical use of  Freedome.

    Ok, sometimes you can see content which has geo restrictions, however, if this is intentionally prevented by the content provider it should be respected. You all know what happens to a single freedome (and it is a freedome that we are allowed to use VPN) if it is being used for illegal acts - in the end it will be forbidden. Is that what we want?


    Furthermore, such thinking undermines the great vision of all VPN: To get back our privacy in the internet. Compare: When you go into a library you don't want a spy behind you who writes down the books you had a look at. And if you say "I have nothing to hide" then I say "Give me your adress and a spare key to your home. I just want to have a look from time to time. Only because of security reasons...".

  • It was just a question! I do agree that it the main reason to use freedome is the privacy but I also use netflix so I have to turn off freedome to access it. It was a minor inconveniance but I do understand that their hands are tied. It should not make a difference to netflix if i try to watch american netflix from an american freedome server location though. I was stating that the ONLY one that worked was Vancouver. That is the only reason I was using a server so far away from home. NO american servers work for netflix. The basis for them blocking was to stop people from watching different countries content. The real reason is they do not want us to know what other countries have available because there is that much of a difference. 

  • I can't get onto Netflix using any of the locations available. Seeing that i have Freedome on my pc. Tablet and phone and paying for them I'm kinda pissed. Sort it out freedome.
  • I have Freedome on my pc, tablet and phone and pay for them and now they're no use to me at all. I can't connect to netflix using any location. So to say I'm pissed is an understatement. Sort it freedome
  • Laksh
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    Hi @Disappointed78,


    Netflix has started to block VPN users, including our F-Secure Freedome customers. We have limited possibilities to prevent external 3rd party from blocking us. There are multiple ways how such blocking can be done. For instance, should someone want to block connections coming from our network addresses in their firewall, they are completely free to do so, and they do not need our permission to do that.

    We expect customers to respect the terms of third-party services that they access via our services. The Terms of Service for F-Secure Freedome can be found here: https://www.f-secure.com/en/web/legal_global/terms/freedome

    You could also contact Netflix to change their VPN blocking policy.

    Reference to Netflix Help in regards to VPN blocking is available here: https://help.netflix.com/en/node/277.


    Our Freedome application provides a safe and private access to the Internet, regardless where you connect from. It protects against “man-in-the-middle” attacks and securely encrypts your connection. Freedome also blocks trackers, prevents access to malicious web sites and gives you the ability to select virtual locations around the world.

    As users start using more public WiFi networks, they are more open to attacks. We want to protect our users by providing a solution to secure these connections. A Wifi network may be easily hacked and may provide access to hackers to steal your data and snoop what you're doing online. With Freedome, you are protected from these scenarios.

  • Yeah excuses excuses, you sell a product for a purpose and now your product is as much use as a chocolate fire guard,
  • joell
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    Bear in mind that Netflix is only one of probably hundreds of services which offer geo-restricted content, and that changing your virtual location is only one of the things Freedome allows you to do. Protecting your privacy and online anonymity are still the main features what makes Freedome stand above the rest.


    Thank you for your understanding.

  • Sam74
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    What you (F-Secure guys) are forgetting is that one of the main points in Freedome advertising (In Finland atleast) was the ability to access geo-restricted content. There were some bold statements made in public that Netflix cannot block Freedome (http://www.digitoday.fi/data/2016/01/21/f-secure-netflixin-on-pakko-pullistella-lihaksiaan/2016758/66).


    So please, no more excuses and more solutions.

  • Enfcmedic384
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    I hear you guys on this one, and I do not want to promote other products but, other options are NOT blocked or blacklisted by Netflix. You can search for them via Google and see what you can find and the best-rated ones. I have the same problem with the US exclusive only site Hulu which is run by Fox, NBC and amongst others. I find it stupid thought is at the same time they are saying you will get Maximum Security for privacy if you are arrested. They restrict access if you have paid for and have a valid password! That indeed does not make sense but, then neither do any media companies from which you legally pay for their services. Then sometimes it is at significant cost, to say the least.

  • MpQ
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    All good points and I understand the reasoning behind what's going on.  However, with the new Netflix restrictions, your only choice is to turn off Freedome to use Netflix.  Could Freedome offer the ability to exclude Netflix from the tunnel?   (ie so that you don't have to turn Freedome off for everything just to use Netflix).  My primary reason for using Freedome is security and privacy, not content.   So the binary choice we are left with is.... subscribe to Netflix OR subscribe to Freedome.  It's very frustrating.

  • joell
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    Thanks for the feedback MpQ, I relayed it to our product team. With Netflix's large set of dynamic IP addresses it would be a bit challenging task, but something that we'll look into.

  • Now that Netflix is doing this "blocking" of VPNs, the question i now as is this. "Is using VPN worth it?" Why i ask this is because i cant even access my UK subscription for Netflix with Freedome turned ON!! So, i have to turn off Freedome to watch Netflix, thereby not getting any benefit from my VPN for OTHER browsing i may be doing at the same time.  Freedome really needs some way of allowing traffic to be application/domain  selective.. otherwise having VPN seems pointless!!



  • Kuu
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    I've searched this board but only getting old answers to it, and then these new ones which also seem obsolete because I just installed the trial version of Freedome, and can access US Netflix, on mobile (iOS).

    But I can't use Chromecast to send the films to my tv. There was an old answer from March that iOS doesn't support trusted networks.

    Is this still the reason, has nothing changed in 6 months? Or if not, is there another way to go around it? I've tried many DNS service and those haven't worked with Netflix anymore where as Freedome seems to work thus makes it interesting option to buy as long as I get my Chromecast problem solved.
  • Hi there


    Just stumbled upon this thread, as I am having the same issues with Freedome.
    However it didn´t start for me untill last night, after I updated Freedome.  Is this merely a coincidence, or is it a matter of compliance on Freedomes part towards Netflix?
    I´m just interested in whether anyone else had the same experience, or if Netflix blocked you before the recent update?

  • joell
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    Netflix blocks Freedome's IP adresses, so it's very one sided limiting. It was a coincidence.

  • austral
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    I understand that Netflix blocks the connectivity assuming some will use the proxies to circumvent location based restrictions, so there is little way around it as they don't have a way to know the original location of the person using the VPN. So, it is technically possible to unblock one program at will? I would install a browser just for Netflix and other streaming services and set it to bypass the VPN proxy if that was possible. 

  • Enfcmedic384
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    I watched a Video recently on how Air Canada gives all passengers Ipads for in-flight entertainment. The person shooting the video showed that all Netflix shows at least we're all the same. The real problem is probably intellectual copyright issues. That a Hollywood studio or Film studio wants the US not international releases on their content. They have every right to do so because it is all there content.


    If you are paying for Netflix or Hulu then why would it matter what content you watch as long as you pay?

  • De27
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    And still is does not work with freedome and more to added like amc and abc and so on.


    Are you tring to get it to work like other vpns or should we just not buy f secure

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