Latest Windows Version of Key (4.3.131) creates desktop icon every time I open it

Very disappointed with the latest version of Key (4.3.131) for Windows (I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit). Every time I open it, it opens up a window that looks almost as if it was installing the software again and a desktop icon (which I don't want) is created every time  and it also resets a Windows process system startup for Key (which I also don't want it to be enabled)


Is there any way to fix both of these? Or do I just wait to see how Key gets worse and worse with every update? I know too many people complained about Key using too much RAM and that being the reason why they implemented the toolbar "solution" but the toolbar does not work in private mode on Firefox, so for all of us that use private mode 99% of the time, the auto-fill option is pretty much gone now.


Hope they'll fix all of this mess that they themselves implemented. None of these issues were there on earlier versions.




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    Looks like that fresh F-Secure KEY will trigger restore-action (for installation; as repair) - if there missing autorun string (under registry?).


    I also disable/remove F-Secure KEY autorun string usually.

    In my situation/experience: F-Secure KEY repair-action at each launch will be just if "autorun string" totally missing.

    If just "disabled" (or with not configured string under registry) F-Secure KEY will be normally launched (and not autolaunched).


    Desktop picture re-created basically because there is "repair-action".


    Sorry for my reply.

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    Hi BonaVox,


    Sorry to hear about your issue with Key. I have highlighted your post to our Key Product team and they are working on it.


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    Thanks Laksh.


    I'd like to point out that I've noticed that the dialog box that pops up whenever I open Key and says something like: "configuring Key", and the desktop icon only gets created whenever I disable (using CCleaner) the windows startup process for Key. But it opens up normally if I don't disable this.


    Now, this doesn't solve my problem since I don't want Key starting up with the computer nor do I want a desktop icon for Key on my computer.

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    Sorry for my reply.

    Are you sure that you disable starup/autorun string for F-Secure KEY (and not remove/delete?).


    I also using CCleaner and also disable F-Secure Key autorun string. And with my experience (and latest F-Secure Key releases) this is do not trigger "repair"-action at F-Secure Key launch.

    Only if I remove/delete autorun-string I able to get "repair"-action. Which also will re-create desktop picture (if it was removed) or refreshed - if it was changed or re-placed under desktop place.


    My system is Windows 10 64 bit; maybe there can be difference, but I have same (with Windows 10) experience with Windows Vista 32bit (which probably not officially supported by F-Secure Key, but work there too).


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    Yes, I only disable the process, as I have done with previous versions of Key and this issue hasn't come up until this version. Thanks for your reply anyway.
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    I re-check it else one time.


    Yes, I have same (with your) experience under Windows Vista.

    But (I forget with recent reply), that with Windows Vista.. I just get another workaround.

    There indeed (probably same with your Windows) if I disable autorun-string (from CCleaner also) it will trigger repair-action for F-Secure Key.

    But if I open certainly System registry (possible to do this from CCLeaner for brief search place - "Open in Regedit" probably) and just remove "Value data" (where path/destination for F-Secure KEY and specific-strings for launch tray)... it will be enough for not launch (?) F-Secure KEY as autorun. And will be enough for missing "repair"-action.

    Do you able to re-check this also?

    this is.. of course... can be just as workaround (temporary), because probably there already recently was updated for F-Secure KEY - but current fresh design not changed (and I decided to re-ask under your topic).


    Sorry for reply else one time.

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