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Client Security 12.00 cant remove ESET and the Client Security 12.00 Premium removes ok

Im trying install F-Secure Client Security 12.00 in the customer computers and the Client Security 12.00 cant remove the ESET, but the Client Security Premium 12.00 can remove without any problem. As the customer bought the Client Security Standard version instead Premium, I cant put the Premium.


Client Security 12.00 - Sidegrade log:
1 13A4 16/06/03 16:46:14 Finished sidegrade downloader process with return code: 0
1 13A4 16/06/03 16:46:14 No updated package found
1 13A4 16/06/03 16:46:14 Detecting conflicting software
1 13A4 16/06/03 16:47:20 Detected conflicting software: auto('179008'), manual('')
1 13A4 16/06/03 16:47:20 Detected 1 [auto] items, 0 [manual] items
1 13A4 16/06/03 16:47:22 isFsProductSidegraded(1)
1 13A4 16/06/03 16:47:22 '179008'
1 13A4 16/06/03 16:47:22 Reboot is not required as no PEX, FS-, or SG- products was removed.
1 13A4 16/06/03 16:47:22 Try to uninstall 1 items:[179008,]
1 13A4 16/06/03 16:47:22 Removing conflicting software: '179008'
1 13A4 16/06/03 16:48:21 Some conflicting software were not removed: '179008'
1 13A4 16/06/03 16:48:23 Failed 1 automated sidegrade items:[179008,//ESET Endpoint Antivirus,]
1 13A4 16/06/03 16:48:23 Stop logging...
3 13A4 16/06/03 16:48:23 Error: Exception occured. Type: fs::BaseException, Reason: Automatic sidegrade failed, Function: fs::sidegrade::InstallationPlugin::removeConflicts2, File: "fssginst.cpp", Line: 339
1 13A4 16/06/03 16:48:23 fs::sidegrade::writeFssetupResults(180,false)


The customer is using Windows 7.


I already opened a ticket - xxxxxx


Best Regards,


Roberto Chu


EDIT: Removed Ticket number

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  • VadVad Posts: 1,048
    Accepted Answer

    Hello RobertoSilvaChu,


    There is no technical difference in sidegrade module between CS Standard and Premium.

    The difference could appear, if the machine can or can not download latest sidegrade package from the PM in the beginning of installation. This could not be figured out from the log you provided here. Full fsdiag is required for analysis.


    Best regards,


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