Remotely installed PSB 12.01 skips "side-grade" detection and action?

Dear Sirs,


A customer complains about the following problem seen with FSAV PSB 12.01:


When installing it locally on a workstation, the setup process notices, complains about and removes competing products, e.g. Microsoft Essential software, SuperAntispyware, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, etc.


When FSAV PSB is installed with centralized, remote method those "sidegrade checks" are apparently not performed and the F-Secure setup process continues merrily, leaving the competitors in place. The sysadmin is afraid this "co-habitation" may casue problems in the future.


Please give us a response for this question.


Thanks in advance, Yours Sincerely:

Tamas Feher, 2F 2000 Kft., Hungary.


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    Isnt that another topic?

  • Ben
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    Hi Tamas

    Could you give us more details(options used) on the centralized installation that didn't perform the sidegrade?


    as @Nizzon metioned I moved the post as a separated thread.

  • etomcat
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    Dear Ben,
    First time, the customer tried to use the "F-Secure PSB Remote Installation Tool" but it didn't work, as seen in this screenshot. (Probably because the sysadmin is not allowed to install WINS on their Win2008R2 Server, but the F-Secure "push install" tool possibly relies on that legacy protocol to browse the AD domain?)
    Therefore, I recommended him an alternative:
    - Install F-Secure Policy Manager 12.00 as a 30-day trial
    - Import the downloadable FSAV PSB 12.01 build 283 package .JAR file in the PM Console
    - In the PM Console, re-export the .JAR to .MSI
    - The export wizard asks for two pieces of data: the customer's 20-digit licence keycode (in this case UJ7C-...) and the national choice for the local GUI of PSB (in this case the hungarian language)
    - The exported .MSI file is then placed in an Active Directory Group Policy Object (GPO) and distributed to the Windows workstations for installation.
    (Background information: this little-known remote installation method works because F-Secure Business Suite officially supports cross-grading to F-Secure PSB, therefore the Policy Manager Console supports importing and exporting the FSAV PSB .JAR file.)
    Yours Sincerely: Tamas Feher, 2F 2000 Kft., Hungary.
  • etomcat
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    Can you please give us a status update on why PSB 12 installation "sidegrade" checks don't work when the setup package is delivered to the endpoints via GPO in .MSI file format?


    Can you give u access to the latest version of the standalone "Sidegrade" tool?


    Thanks in advance, Yours Sincerely:

    Tamas Feher, 2F 2000 Kft., Hungary.

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