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Clients are not updating from F-Secure linux server

Dear all,


I have installed F-secure policy manager on a ubuntu server and server is working fine.Server has the latest updates but clients are not getting updated from the server.Please see the screenshot attached.Firewall is off ,reset the database from the server side and the client side,reinstall the client without any luck.Any Suggestions?


Thank youCapture.PNG


  • etomcatetomcat Posts: 1,312



    You failed to tell us about the exact product versions in use (Linux, Windows, F-Secure Policy Manager and F-Secure AV protection at the endpoint).


    You also need to consider that FSPMS uses 3 major TCP ports:

    Host port (default 80)

    Console port (default 8080)

    Web reporting port (default 8081)


    The clients need to access "host port" for updates and centralized management. Sometimes, accidentally sysadmins specify the console or wr port instead.


    Another possibility is that access works in the web browser on the client, as the browser uses implicit (AD or firewall derived?) proxy authentication. Meanwhile, F-Secure Automatic Update Agent would need explicit proxy declaration in the "Connection" section, but that is not provided or only partially.


    Best Regards: Tamas Feher, Hungary.

  • asankaasanka Posts: 73

    Thanks for your reply


    host port is 807

    admin port 808

    web port 8081


    policy manager server version is 11

    client security 12


    OS is ubuntu


    as i mentioned earlier everything is working fine except updates.screen shot was taken from a client machine and it says policy manager is working fine including ports.only problem i have is clients are not updating from the proxy server.

  • etomcatetomcat Posts: 1,312



    > policy manager server version is 11

    > client security 12


    That combination is not possible, because FSAV CS 12 needs FSPM 12. Please upgrade Policy Manager from v11 to 12.00 and then re-install the endpoints, if normal operation doesn't commence.


    Best Regards: Tamas Feher, Hungary.

  • asankaasanka Posts: 73

    I have some xp machines.can I use F-Secure policy manager for Linux 12 with client security 11.61.servers and xp machines also not updating from the server.

    Server 11.1
    Client 11.61

  • VadVad Posts: 1,048

    Hello asanka,


    > can I use F-Secure policy manager for Linux 12 with client security 11.61?


    Yes, you can.


    Best regards,


  • clyssclyss Posts: 1


    Have you been able to do it work?

    I've the same pb, connection fail (under ubuntu, PM v12,  CS v12 Windows 7 and CS v11 under XP, http connection OK)

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