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Virus definitions Update

We use the offline Scan agent on our ESX Server, now i have the problem that the Virus Definitons Update Time in the PM is not correct. In the LOG on the server it is a differnt Time as in the PM. Have anybody a idea.


  • LakshLaksh Posts: 4,430 Community Manager

    Hi Semmel,


    Can we have a screenshot of the different virus definition update times you see under the PM and under the server? Could you please let us know where you are looking at the timestamps of the updates on both the servers?


    Which has the latest virus definition update time/date seen - does it correspond to the PM or the ESX Server?

  • Hello, The problem was that I installed the PM Version 12 first, than i installed the Server Security version 11. After a reinstallation of the PM everything was fine.

  • LakshLaksh Posts: 4,430 Community Manager

    Hi Semmel,


    Good to know the issue is resolved after the installation of the PMS. As seen in the release notes for PM12 under known issues, PMS needs to be installed later than any other AV products on the same server. Some excerpt from the Release notes below:


    "If you install any other F-Secure Anti-Virus products on the same computer with F-Secure Policy Manager Server, you must install them first because Policy Manager Server installs the latest version of Automatic Update Agent."



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