F-Secure Key is asking on PC to redeem my still valid Premium order

I have a valid order that is working fine with my three Android devices. Even when the Key is asking on PC (two PC have the same problem) to redeem my subscription it is still synking between Android and PC.

PC's are Windows 7 and the Key is version 3.3.101

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  • dukavidukavi Posts: 112 F-Secure Employee
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    To fix this problem you should remove application completely (and make password backup) and then put new voucher and reimport passwords from backup.


    There was a problem with Play Market purchasing, so that subscription period could become invalid. Even if new valid voucher is provided, invalid ticket is still present  in the system and it has higher priority than the latest one. To fix this problem, you should remove all the tickets and then enter new voucher.


    1. Export passwords to a file using desktop client. NOTE: this is needed to make a password backup, if you skip this step, your password collection will be lost.
    2. Remove local storage by removing a folder (that is %LOCALAPPDATA%\F-Secure\Pwmgr)
    3. Run the application, set-up master password, import passwords and apply a voucher
    4. On mobile devices, remove KEY applications completely from all of them and install them again, then connect, using a sync code, generated on desktop client.




  • LakshLaksh Posts: 4,431 Community Manager

    Hi Ollikka,


    May I know what is the version of the Key being used on the Android devices and on the desktops?


    Have you tried the steps mentioned in this article if your Android devices are showing as Premium? What is the error seen when you try to enter the code generated from your mobile device to your desktop?

  • Hi,

    The Anroid's use version 3.1.5 and PC's use 3.3.101.


    Key Premium should be valid until summer 2016. I used the promotion code you had for SAFE user’s summer 2015 and before that I first bought one year code via Google Play and I got promotion code after answering one of your questionnaire. The date in Android devices is January 11th 46248 (?).


    I have tried to connecting PC's with the code created in my Anroid but PC started saying this monday

    Your subscription has expired
    Extend your subscription to keep your devises synchronized.


    This just annoying because PC is still synchronizing

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    Hi Ollikka,


    I will PM you for further discussion.

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