F-Secure KEY lost subscription



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    I have same problem here. After updating KEY software it says my subscription has expired.

    I have purchased the software and period ends in January 2016.


    Please contact me via email and advice.



  • SergeiStPeteSergeiStPete Posts: 14 Observer

    Hi - same is here, lost subscription after the update on 3.2.104, shall be valid till Sep this year. Please instruct how to fix.


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    I lost my subscription aswell. I bought Key from Google Play  6.2.2015 for a year. I got the free code from you in email and redeemed it today but it didn't work properly. I tried to sync my PC with my phone but it didn't work. At first all seemed to be fine, but now PC says it's running on free subscription. My phone shows Premium and the sync won't work. Even though adding new account on my mobile syncs also with PC. Also the lenght of the subscription seems to be a bit longer :)


    Purchase date: 2015-06-27T09:36:21.000Z
    Verification date: 2015-06-27T09:36:50.320Z
    Remaining subscription (days): 16091732
    Total subscription length: 16091732
    Valid until: +046073-02-24T09:36:21.000Z

  • BenBen Posts: 2,641 F-Secure Product Expert

    Hello SanDiago,


    Did you already folow the instructions in this article?


    On which device did you enter the newly received code?

  • SanDiagoSanDiago Posts: 3
    Yes i did. I used my phone, HTC One m7. It shows premium on my phone (Valid until 46073-02-24) but not on my computer. Even after syncing correctly. System information from my computer shows same what i posted above.
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    I also have the same problem. My premium subscription status shows on mobile devices that my subscription extends to 46252-04-01 and my desktop client acts like I am using free version. Also there seems the problems with syncing between mobile and desktop client.. probably because of that subscription error. I bought 12 months on 26th of april 2015 and also got extra 6 months voucher code from you on 10th of june.


    Can you please try to fix this problem and also my subscription status.


    And please forward my opininion that the support page in f-secure.com is just plain bad. It doesn't work properly on chrome and it should have an option to send support requests for this product also. It can't be that only support channel for F-secure key is in this forum.

  • BenBen Posts: 2,641 F-Secure Product Expert



    Could you make sure both Android device and desktop are running the latest versions?

    Please let me know which they are.


    I'll pass on the feedback made in the community.



  • jpwargjpwarg Posts: 4

    Android version is the latest that google play store offers (I have most of the apps on autoupdate. Edit: play store page says that android version is 3.1.3) and desktop version seems to be 3.2.104. I would post screenshot of F-secure key's system information window, but I think it contains too much info to show here.

  • SanDiagoSanDiago Posts: 3
    Same thing here. 3.1.3 on Android and 3.2.104 on desktop.
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