Computer reset to factory default, cannot enter voucher

Hi, I installed Key on my windows 8 PC and all worked fine, then an error with the PC (which was new) meant it wa set back to the factory default windows. Installed F Secure OK, then installed Key. When I try to install my premium voucher it says it has already been used. Yes it has, so how do I reinstall Key on the same device that has been reset to factory defaults? I have 5  licences and 5 devices, I do not want to generate another premium key as tha will mean this device is using 2 of my 5 licenses.


Any thoughts on what I should do.




  • BenBen Posts: 2,641 F-Secure Product Expert

    Hello RonMck,


    To recover a premium voucher on a machine that has failed or reset to factory default, you should simply generate a synchronization code from the other devices which are using this voucher. Once entered on your computer, it should become premium again and sync with the other devices.


    This article explains better how to do that.


    Note that you need another device to be using this specific voucher code/ be premium.

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    Sadly I am just investigating Key as an option for myself and several coleagues at Loughborugh Universtiy, I had only installed it on the one PC. I was going to write an evaluation on it for staff and possibly students on the website. (we have about 20K students). Which is why I was doing it on a new PC. What can I do if it has not been synchronised to another device?

  • BenBen Posts: 2,641 F-Secure Product Expert

    Hello RonMcK,


    The Premium voucher is needed to sync devices together. You can use the Free version of Key if only one device or PC is concerned.


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    Ok now have a premium key from Ben, thanks very much. So when I log in it asks me to "create your first password" :-( Bummer, what happened to all the passwords I set up before my device was reset to factory default>

    The blurb says "All the data is encrypted and stored both on your device(s) and on our servers hosted in Finland, Europe, under European data protection laws."


    So in theory my passwords are still somewhere in finland, but also as the factory reset did not affect any user data, the passwords should still be stored on my local device, and I am using the same master password as the original installation. So why have I lost access to all the passwords I set up with the orginal installation?


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    Hello RonMck ,


    Unfortunately a factory reset would wipe all the appdata. You said the you didn't have synchronization with another device, so if no backup was made, the former data will be lost. 


    Unfortunately in your case and as mentioned on the Key product page: " Not even F-Secure can access your data."


  • RonMcKRonMcK Posts: 4

    OK, so if we say to a student that F Secure Key is the thing to have, and the premium version is best. That student turns up at the helpdesk saying they installed it, set up 16 digit secure passwords to all their accounts, banks and everything. Student has only one device and so has nothing to sync to. Student says that on a geography field trip, they accidently dropped their laptop down an active volcano, and it disappeared under 50M of molten lava.  Insurance company gives them a shiny new laptop, now they want access to all their passwords which was stored in the software the University recommended.  They have thier original premium voucher code.


    How do they get access to their passwords?

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    Hello RonMcK,


    Unfortunately, without sync to another active/premium device or "independent backup", you cannot retrieve the data. The original premium voucher code,  won't help retrieving the data from our servers.


    Note that Free version(as opposed to Premium) can be used on a single device.

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