Passwords list empty in F-Secure Key Mac OS version

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When I opened my F-Secure Key today, I could see my passwords list for a very short moment of time, and thereafter the list was gone! When I restart, the same thing happens: empty password list...

On my Android phone the list is as expected.


I have a premium subscription (via Google Play store) but can't seem to find the code to re-enter.

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    With your situation probably should be helpful temporary workarounds from next topic:


    As brief repeat for steps:


    -> You able to use "Lock" feature under settings-part of menu (when list of entries goes be missing).

    And re-login to Key.

    Should be visible entries. But trouble comes back after "shut down Key".


    -> You able to try... entering to key by next actions:

    --> When you add your master-password to form... just use "keyboard" Enter-button.

    Should be all OK with entries.

    By mouse/touchpad for key-picture as entering... can to trigger trouble situation from your description.


    It was about Windows client (if you have another platform with current trouble stuck situation... maybe something same can be helpful).


    It's maybe can be helpful for your situation. And can be helpful as temporary workaround.


    Just because probably it's something, which should be fixed by F-Secure Key team (?!).

    Sorry for reply.



  • TimPTimP Posts: 3

    Thx, this seems to work as a workaround!


    Now hoping for a final fix from the team...

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